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Always CAN

Have been basking in the words and energy of Joe Schroeder. Awesome stuff. Stirring. Life changing. Challenging. In-Your-Face. Practical. Here’s an example. When Joe got tired of being down and out he took control of his life. Decided to bury the words “I Can’t” and live in the truth of “CAN DO”. So he made […]

New Snow

It snowed last night here in St Louis. White. Bright. Clear. Crisp. Went out early and just stood in it, enjoying the cleanness, the freshness. Sort of like the New Year. Fresh. “New” which means a time to be done with the “Old”. Old thoughts. Old habits. Old ways of being and doing. Was reading […]

Business is really business

Yesterday a friend spent some time with me, being concerned and caring for me, presenting another business opportunity. For that I am very thankful, especially that he cares about me. Incidentally, the biz op would probably be a good one, a money saver and a potential money maker. However, the experience taught me something I […]

Business Plan Part 2 or 3 Easy Steps to Rethinking the Plan

We mentioned yesterday, rather pointedly perhaps, that you and I need a Business Plan to keep our business on focus, be it MLM or Internet Marketing or any “Brick and Mortar” business. Most of us, though, don’t like doing the exercise of thinking (did I really say that??), or of thinking ahead, or of coming […]

But Doc, I Can't Write a Business Plan!

My older brother, the businessman of the family, has been after me for a couple of years to write a business plan. You see, my son Philip and I operate a lawn/landscaping service which began as his high school job and escalated into the family business. Because of its history and evolution, it has never […]

Being "__________" (You Fill in the Blank)

Two events occurred yesterday that converged to NOW (early AM, Wed, 10 Jan 07) in my brain. 1) I received and started reading my copy of Warrior’s Nest. This is the work of Joe Schroeder, a unique person who by the world’s standards was going nowhere fast. He looked at life and began to think […]

New Years Explosion

Today ushers in a new year – 2007! Wow! The old adage is true: Time Flies. We stayed home last night; no late night partying for us. Rather, we finished the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings on DVD. The family is big fans of the work, and message. We had started to do […]