What does 'MRI' mean?

Great question!

Often heard is, “Did you get the MRI of your shoulder (or leg, or……..)?”

Obviously this is a test doctors order to discover more about what is going on inside your body. Suppose you turn your ankle and there may be a ligament strain or perhaps a break in a bone. The doctor will write an order for you to go get an MRI.

The letters stand for Magnetic Resonance Image.

Your body is place in a magnetic field which affects the molecular alignment of molecules in the body part being looked at. The energy released in this whole process is used to print a picture on film, similar to x-rays. However, the detail is much better than x-rays since it allows you to actually “look at” soft tissue like muscles and ligaments and cartilage, the components of joints, for example.

Simply put, an MRI is a super-duper “x-ray” which is MUCH better at looking at non bone parts of our bodies to see if there is any structural damage.

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