What Does "GERD" Mean?

So here is an interesting question….

“GERD” stands for GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease or what we used to call Acid Reflux.
Excuse my cynicism but we have put the bigger words on it to make it sound more disastrous, more valuable to treat (so we get more money) and make it more mysterious.

What it really means is the person who has it is in trouble.

Why would I sat that?

Because, usually, it means you are not making enough acid in the stomach which means you are not stimulating proper signals to get enough base in your duodenum which all really means that you are not digesting your food properly. Therefore you are not getting enough energy/nutrients in your body so you are not making enough acid in your stomach, so you are not……

You get the idea. Downward spiral. More Dis-ease. Not enough energy. Affects other things besides the stomach. Affects the big energy requirers in our bodies: brain and heart. Is there a simple reason why we have so much depression and heart dis-ease in our country? Could it be that we are simply not digesting our food, not getting enough nutrients? Could this explain the epidemic of obesity – a search for nutrients??

Makes one think and wonder…….

For Your Health,

Dr Jon
MAR – Metabolic Assessment Regimen

PS. A simple answer to GERD? Apple Cider Vinegar, couple of teaspoons in half a glass of water before meals. Amazing.

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