Education for Autism

December 8th, 2008

Aaron is a wonderful little boy who fits into the middle of the Autism Spectrum, medically diagnosed with PDD NOS. I prefer to call it Metabolic Dysfunction which exhibits symptoms in his brain (learning, behaviors), gut (allergy), and muscle (easily fatigued). I learned this way of thinking from my good friend Dr. Jon.

Finding the right place for educating him has been nothing short of a constant battle and quite a dilemma.

Aaron learns by imitating others, and with one-on-one teaching. This is the only way he CAN learn. Socially, he WANTS to have friends, although it is difficult for him to maintain an age appropriate conversation, or to understand what a REAL friendship is.

Aaron struggles academically with no peaks or valleys. He is equal across the board with everything being at a very low, beginning level. Aaron’s experience with school has been:

» Home school, which was unsuccessful because I did not know how to teach him, nor could I separate my own     personal feelings as a mom;

» A good experience with preschool and therapies in place;

» A Lutheran school that would not accept him for Kindergarten because the teacher stated after TESTING him, that it took him twice as long as the rest of her students and she would not have time to reiterate to him in her class;

» A Catholic school for Kindergarten that was a most wonderful blessing, but unfortunately the school was closed at the end of that year;

» A public school which was okay during first grade with an IEP in place and a very helpful teacher with a big heart, but it was a nightmare for second grade;

» And then Judevine with great teachers who knew how to take him as far as he could go academically, but behavioral issues came up for him.

Ideally, Aaron needs typically developing peers to model after socially, and one-on-one academic instruction in order to meet his full potential. This combination I have not been able to find anywhere! He does not do well when placed among other children with behavioral/language issues, since he learns by imitating. He is also very sensitive to noises and too easily distracted when trying to learn in a small group setting.

Still searching and praying. . .

Would love to know what you think – and your experiences.

May prayers, blessings and healings be with you!


Welcome to a Mom’s Thoughts

July 1st, 2008

Hi, my name is Lori, Mom to a special 9 year old boy with an Autism spectrum disorder. This blog is going to talk about treating his metabolic disorder using natural approaches.