Perspective on Health

It’s a warm, humid, sunny, quiet, peaceful day here in the Orlando, FL area as I sit on my brother’s back porch and reflect.

Sitting here one would not have the slightest idea that elsewhere in the entire state the people are doing all they can to protect and secure their lives, families, homes and livelihood in preparation for Hurricane Irma’s arrival in Southern Florida a couple of days from now.

Makes one wonder what is Health, really?

For many or most Floridians it’s not how to get over or treat their depression, back ache, heart disease of diabetes right now, though those may be real issues for them and definitely impact what else is happening and how well they are functioning in terms of coping.  No, for them it is about survival. Pure and simple.

Makes one think a bit.

The time will come after, perhaps more than even before because of the potential trauma, tragedy and injury that could result from a storm of the likes of Irma, and of the likes of Harvey which has just devastated Houston, for worrying about the diagnoses and treatments of various dis-eases.  But right now Survival is the key.

We came to Florida to celebrate and visit family, have had wonderful experiences with them and weather in which to enjoy it, for which we are thankful.  Now we get to taste a bit of the trauma and anxiety that severe weather can generate and expect to eventually leave the area via the airline ticket we had scheduled long before.  While here, however, we get to experience a little of the angst and also peace in the midst of the storm our family and area residents feel.

Our prayers are with you.

Be safe, first, as the first measure of health.  The rest we deal with later.


Welcome Back!


6+ years, really??

It’s been that long since I last posted. Unbelievable!

But here we are again.

Lots has happened in the 6 years.

Got a new daughter-in-law in the family – awesome (older son got married).

Got a new lawyer in the family – amazing (younger son graduated from Pepperdine Law, summa cum laude)

Seeing LOTS of information spreading around the internet about health topics, fitness, meditation, health benefits of practices like tai ji and qi gong.  Weight loss and organic food are big topics too.

On the negative side there’s lots of press about the problems and failures of Big Pharma, vaccinations, and “fake food”.

All good stuff. Glad to see the information coming out.

We’ll be commenting along the way, for sure!

Stay tuned,

Dr Jon


Renegade Heart Show, 5-15-11

Clearing Blocks, Heart Wall, Abundance


Host Michael shared with us a teleseminar in which he participated last evening about clearing blocks that are preventing abundance.  From his synopsis several key points were discussed.

Be relaxed.

Both body and mind need to be relaxed to do the clearing, healing work – why?

This points out the root problem: Eating of the tree of knowledge.  As novelist Ted Dekker points out, the “illness” with which we all suffer is the “Raison Virus”, Reason.

The brain puts up the barriers around the heart that prevent healing and causes dis-ease.

Shine the light, from above, into your entire being.

Dispel the dark energies, the fear, the blocks.  Gerald O’Donnell actually, in similar exercises, has you BECOME the light.

The only, and simple, way to remove darkness is to shine a light.  There is no such thing as a “Darkness Remover Tool.”  And any amount of light, no matter how small, will dispel the darkness around it.

Light is non judgmental.  It does not ‘not shine’ on something simply because it is dirty or in some way does not measure up.

Light is cleansing and healing.  Its purpose in shining is to expose so that any cleaning up that needs to be done can be done.

Emotions are the cause of the blocks.

I also listened to a seminar yesterday in which Dr. Brad Nelson used his emotional clearing technique to remove what he calls the “Heart Wall”.  Host Michael himself put these two words together as well, pointing out that our reasoning brain puts up a wall of blocks around our heart that prevents healing and results in our dis-eases.

The major emotion causing our dis-ease is Fear though there can be other “lesser” emotions that are involved as well.  The solution to fear is mature, nurturing, healing LOVE.

Dr. Nelson points out that these emotional blocks can come from our own experience or can be inherited from our parents and ancestors.


Michael’s seminar host then would use her hands to do a clearing procedure.

Dr. Nelson uses a special magnet, but says if you don’t have one of those use any magnet such as a refrigerator magnet, and if you don’t have one of those, use your hands.  Your hands are magnetized.  We are all electromagnetic energy.


Michael’s seminar was about abundance, clearing blocks around money.  All the same holds true for blocks around relationship, health or any other issue that holds us back.

As we closed, we shared our heart that the purpose of this show is to take us to this place of shining light into the fear and darkness to find true and deep healing. As helpful as herbs and supplements, etc., even (God forbid), at times, drugs, surgery and radiation can be, if we don’t get to the root of problems at the emotional/spiritual level, they will come back. The door back to the Tree of Life has been opened – will we eat of it or not? Until next time, Go in health! Blessings, Dr Jon Renegade Doc PS.  Today’s show is brought to you by your GPS on the road to health and your knockout punch against infections.  Any purchases made through links may (hopefully) remunerate the Renegade Heart Show at least a little. You can reach me through my portal site. Be sure to listen next time!

Renegade Heart Show, 5-8-11

Mother’s Day, Mother Earth, Gardens


Today is Mother’s Day and we spent a moment giving a shout out to our and your Mothers for all that they are and do.

Then we began at the beginning and spent quite a while talking about where “Mother” came from, the story of Eve and how the One (Gerald O’Donnell’s name for Creator/Father/God) gave Adam the opportunity to discover if any of the animals were of the equivalent nature/quality/life energy and capability as he.

When he discovered they were not, Father reached inside of Adam and withdrew part of him that could be, blowing Adam away with the beauty, stature and capability this creature, Eve, contained.

We talked about some of the implications that this offered in terms of propagating the Paradise, the Garden, with its relationships, companionship, and interaction, eventually spreading throughout the universe.

We mentioned but did not dwell on the falling short that occurred in this plan other than to say that since Eve was the pinnacle, the peak, the most glorious of creation, it was at this point that the enemy struck.

The weapon used to strike was the weapon still used today, the question and subsequent belief that Father isn’t enough for us and we need somehow to control and fix things ourselves.

We then moved on, talking about the second “major woman”, also given choices, but this time answering with “whatever you want, Father, I’ll not try to fix or control anything.”  This renegade, outside the box attitude, still rare today, set the stage for a second drawing out from “man” a creature of beauty and glory, totally equal to man but this time not making choices to control on his own.

We incidetnally pointed out that becoming elite at anything requires sacrifice, letting go, being torn down before being restored to even greater heights and strengths.

We then moved on to a more global idea of Mother Earth and how she is meant to nurture and grow us though we have not treated her well.

Even so, we have moments, as John Eldredge points out, that are glimpses of what our life in Paradise was intended to be.

And I believe that our connection to the idea of gardens is an almost universal desire for and resonance with that Paradise into which we were born as humans and to which we are called to return, in relationship and experience with Father.

So we talked a bit about that concept and what it might look like for us.

Host Michael shared his ideas about the life energy that produces 4 leaf clovers and that prompted some discussion as we applied it to our own lives.

We were delighted to have with us 3 guests today as well, via keyboard in the chat window, who asked questions and added to the discussion. This is what we most desire to happen with this show, that YOU join in and that together we can all grow.

One guest sent us a link to a video, which was our “homework” and which I am sure will provide lots of discussion in the future!

Special thanks once again to our show host, Michael, for his heart, his voice, his energy, his insights and his behind the scenes efforts at spreading the word!

Until next time, listen to the recording, share in the passion of expressing our connections with Father and with each other, grow with us in opening our heart to ideas that take us outside the box of life as we know it.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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Renegade Heart Show, 5-1-11

Simple Health, Gardens, Higher Vibrations


Japan is still not so much in the news but the Southeast had its own devastating killer tornadoes sweep through this week.  What is Mother Earth trying to tell us?


Gerald O’Donnell would say that these natural disasters are Mother Earth’s way of getting our attention, telling us to stop killing her and to start nourishing her and using other resources (sun/Son) for our needs and energy.


We awarded the Renegade Heart Award this week to a Mr. Narayanan Krishnan of India.  Video of him has been posted on Facebook this week, telling his story of leaving his job to feed and care for the homeless, destitute and mentally ill of the streets of his hometown in India.

Feeding the Needy in India

(Click the text link in the above paragraph to see it on Facebook; clicking the link in the center of the page played for me in Real player but not in other players.)


What makes this Renegade is first that he has given up “normal” to go love people.  Even more remarkably, he is of the Brahman caste who are not to touch these people.  Yet he stepped outside that social/economic rule to do personal body care and to hug the people he serves.


Well done, sir!!  You are an example and a challenge to us all.


We next talked about the MAR (and MAP – the somewhat more detailed ‘big sister’ to the MAR) and a conversation we had this week with its founder, Dr. Jack Taylor.


He emphasized the need for detoxification, a concept I have had but the practice of which I have not done well.


It became crystal clear that physical health can be had very simply and easily if we just first do the detoxification then follow it with whole, clean, high nutrient dense food.


He uses a homeopathic method which is gentle and effective.  There are also herbal methods.  My mother, learned from generations before her, would pick and cook dandelions each spring to do the same thing.


Detoxify and “nutrify”; it really is that simple.


Then we shifted to health at the emotional/spiritual level and realized it also is very simple.


It is a Choice between Knowledge and Life.


Knowledge is telling Father “Thank you for what you’ve done but I’ll figure it out from here; see you later.”  Then we set up committees, religions, governments, economies, schools, cultures, etc. to make sure it works out alright.  But that doesn’t fix or stop the evil or the good.  We can’t handle either the good or the evil.


Life is responding to the Great Romance, as novelist Ted Dekker describes it (especially well captured in his book “Green“).  It is saying “yes” to Father’s invitation to be intoxicated, overwhelmed, enthralled, captivated at our very core, in our every fiber of being, with His attention and love, resulting in more pleasure, joy and fulfillment than we could possibly imagine!


It means letting go of all the figuring and planning and drowning and dying in His essence, to be raised into real Life.


This is what the Garden of Eden was to grow into.  This is what the Garden of Gethsemane allowed us to begin to return to.  This is what you can begin to experience in the Garden of your own heart and even what you could begin to develop outwardly in your own backyard.


With this one would be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy.  It really is that simple.


In this experience it raises the vibration of life to a higher plane where living naked and unashamed is the norm.  This is not about sexual behavior or gender; this is about living at a high level of openness, vulnerability and connectedness.  This is about fulfilling who we are meant to be.


Until next time,


Detoxify, ‘nutrify’, choose Romance, live naked


so that you might


Go in Health!



Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

P.S.  The show is brought to you by the MAR and BioDefense.  There are links to Gerald O’Donnell and Dr. Taylor and Ted Dekker for your further perusal.  Purchase of any of their material could result in some remuneration for me.

Renegade Heart Show, 4-24-11

Easter, Gardens


Japan is not so much in the news these days but I heard from a friend that food and transportation have been in short supply.  What else can we be doing to help?

The world and life here as we know it has revolved around GARDENS.

On today’s show we talked about

  • The Garden of Eden and how life began and changed there.
  • The Garden of Gethsemane and how Life was restored.

and, finally,

  • The Garden of your own backyard, life and heart.

We talked about the drama that played out in the Garden of Eden, the conflict between Life and Knowledge, between the choice to Trust or the choice to Control and the consequences of that choice.

We then talked about the drama that played out in the Garden of Gethsemane, the same choice as in the Edenic garden but this time with the opposite choice and the opposite consequence.

There is also a tremendous amount of symbolism in all of this related to living from Heart and not Head, from Life and not Control.

Finally we briefly talked about how a garden in your own backyard can both be a reflection of your inner self and also a place to grow and nurture your own self and spirit.  We will try to explore this topic even more in the future.

Easter and resurrection are a perfect time to be reminded that by choosing Life we too can live in resurrection!

Be sure to listen to the show to get the conversation and concepts in their entirety!

Until next time,

Go in Health,


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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Renegade Heart Show, 4-17-11

Higher Self, Living in Connection


Japan is not out of the woods yet. Continue to remember and support them.


We picked up from last week as promised, discussing the “Higher Self”. 


First we pointed out that nearly all if not every religious and/or philosophical approach has some concept or reference to some type of Higher existence or part of us.


Then we got some input on questions like “Who”, “Where”, “What is the role of the Higher Self”.  Our host Michael joined in with some ideas and we had some input from a blog posting by Erin Povlina as well.  


Part of Michael’s response brought in the concept of “God” and we explored for a bit why any reference to Higher Self seems to immediately draw in the concept of an All-Knowing, All-Loving Higher One.  We suggested that the teaching about Higher One is not simply part of the teachings but reflects the fact of the presence of the Higher One.


We then put all of this in context with the analogy of the human body with cells of various types and functions all connected to a higher consciousness (our Higher Self?) overseeing all of it.  Any cell that fails to respond becomes either a dried up useless “extra” that is expelled or, worse, an independent, out of control cancer that eventually needs to be restored or removed.


In this context our existence then becomes a reflection of the Consciousness of Father God with the extra variable of Choice thrown in.  We also paused long enough to point out that Consciousness is not just an energy but is the energy of LOVE.


We have the choice to live in life, completely connected to Father’s orchestration of each of us as his various cells (using the human body as an analogy, a reflection of Father’s thought), each living and functioning in its own way, completely connected to Father and to each other, naked (no barriers) and unashamed (not comparing ourselves to others, happy in our own purpose), while also living in “organs” (community) helping each other.


Or we have the choice to live in knowledge, trying on our own to figure things out and control things, but in doing so being disconnected from Source, Father.


We talked about how the Scripture story of the Garden of Eden is the blueprint of Father’s heart and thus our goal.  Our bad choice, however, put a barrier in the way of connectedness which Yeshua came and removed, opening the way once again to be in that place of flowing in consciousness, of living in Love.


We attempted to make some practical applications to daily life, health and dis-ease, life and purpose.


Finally we discussed the answer to last week’s question about why we stay in the negative instead of in the flow of the positive.  One approach that I like a lot is Gerald O’Donnell’s analogy of the Dark Matrix, his way of explaining the barrier that Father placed at the end of the Garden story.


Be sure to listen to the whole thing to get the full context and dialogue.  We may have saved the best until last when we talked about Love and Choice and that Love has choice inherently built in.


Also enjoy the interaction with our new host, Michael – you’ll love him!


Until next time,

Go in Health!

Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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Renegade Heart Show, 4-10-11


What’s in a Thought


Let us not forget to continue to support our Japanese neighbors.  This week there was concern over planting rice in radiation areas; that will definitely impact the food supply.

The Renegade Heart Show continues in its new format – awesome!

It was a day to hear a bit of Dr Jon’s thinking and background.  Michael asked from where did I get the content to share on the show week to week.

There are three major sources:

Stories of people that come through my life,
My own experiences and issues, and
Listening to “thought leaders” (such as Gerald O’Donnell) sharing their own thoughts either vocally or in books.

That provided the opportunity to share the concept around which this show is based, that we are primarily Spirit beings in a physical body which is “merely” the low vibration of that spirit.

We mentioned a massage therapist friend who likes to have deep tissue work done on her.  That provided the opportunity to review the various forms of massage therapy but also to raise the question as to why so many of us seem to enjoy pain or somehow think pain is necessary for growth and healing.

It also provided me the opportunity to put words and concepts together for myself and reply back to my friend that I “do”

“Deep Heart” therapy.

From there we went on and talked about the conflict between dealing with the physical aspects of life versus the deeper levels, again reminding ourselves that real change occurs at the deep levels.

I told a story about a gentleman who showed up at my door and opened my heart’s door about “aberrations” in life and how they are the portals into deeper and higher planes – the places we are meant to go.

By this time we had gone well beyond 30 minutes and as we started the discussion about our higher selves and the role it has to play and at this point we decided it was a great place to stop and pick up next week.

So be sure to listen to the show and be challenged to begin to take the higher perspective, if you aren’t already.

Life, Love, Health and Healing await in that place beyond.

Be sure to listen in to get the entire context and conversation!

Until next time,

Go in Health!


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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Renegade Heart Show, 4-3-11


A New Host, Love Choices


Let us not forget to continue to support our Japanese neighbors.

Today the Renegade Heart Show takes a new turn!

A person who has been listening to the show for a while, who has engaged in dialogue with me, who also looks at life from a “renegade” perspective, expressed an interest in becoming more than just a listener.  With broadcast experience and skill he offered to become part of the show and is now the new host!

Welcome to Michael Corazon, an amazing guy with a big, loving heart who is passionate about sharing the message of loving others.

You will enjoy his remix of our introduction and closing but mostly you will enjoy getting to know him.

I surprised him today and asked him just to share some of his story.  As he did so, we got into the power of making love choices, as opposed to hate or fear choices.

We also discussed the importance of “awareness” and how that changes our energy and eventually manifests in our body and in our physical world.  (See comments on our Facebook Fan page from Deepak Chopra.)

Good stuff! And you’ll love Michael.

Be sure to listen!

Until next week,

Go in Health!


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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Renegade Heart Show, 3-27-11


Radiation, Diabetes, Qi Gong, We and the One


The Tsunami in Japan and subsequent problems, including radiation toxicity, continue to concern and also inspire us.  We continue to send love, prayers and blessings to the people of Japan.

On today’s show we discussed a variety of topics, things that occurred in the Renegade Doc’s week which hopefully will be applicable to you as well.

The topic of radiation poisoning came up because of the Japan nuclear problems.  David Wolfe in an interview with Lisa Garr this week pointed out that taking bioactive forms of iodine and also eating green vegetables and detoxicants like Chlorella will protect us.  Chernobyl taught us that a vibrant soil (our bodies are “soil” – dust to dust) protects us from radiation toxicity.

Next we talked about getting Chunyi Lin’s Qi Gong DVD about which we talked a couple of weeks ago.  After only a couple of sessions I am already seeing significant benefit.  Try it yourself!

From there we moved on to a case of insulin dependent diabetes with peripheral neuropathy complicated by two separate types of infection including MRSA, the so-called flesh eating bacteria).  We talked about a holistic approach such as that posted online here.  It requires, first, detoxification.  I forgot to mention on the show that the Ayurvedic concept of diabetes is that it is a digestive disorder.

The infections could be aided by the use of BioDefense which has shown to be effective against MRSA in patients that have used it.  (This is why BioDefense is one of the sponsors of this show.)

Again we pointed out that while stress is the cause of 90+% of dis-ease, the cause of stress is our resisting life, living in fear, trying to control our circumstances.

That took us to a summary of Gerald O’Donnell’s teaching he puts in audio format on his course CDs.

He points out that the ONE (Father) is ALL there is.  We are an expression of his thought in a spiritual with physical form.  He gave us the choice to live separate from His consciousness but warned us that if we did we would “die”, not flourish, become a cancer.

We need to look at things from his perspective, reconnected to his Consciousness.  This is what Yeshua came to model for us.  He also became the cancer and allowed it to be surgically removed, at which point blood was lost.

We, however, tend to spend our thought and energy around the surgery and too little reconnecting to the thought of Father.

Mr. O’Donnell pulls together a lot of the concepts of Scripture and the teachings of Yeshua when looking at things this way.  Be sure to listen to the show to get more.  You can also take his course to get it from him directly.

One thing to leave with you, though.  We as reflections of the ONE, like in a mirror, see things backwards.

Father moves from effect to cause but to us it looks like cause to effect.

As we reunite with the mind of Father we will also begin to think from effect to cause.  That is, we will put our thought and energy into what we will know we are to become and do.  From that vantage, without worrying about the “how”, we will then involve ourselves in the action or cause as the opportunities arise.

Lots of stuff here to chew on.  Bottom line, let’s become one with Father in thought and intent down to the minutest details of our lives and see ourselves heal ourselves and others.  Jo Denning in an interview this week describes this precisely to be her experience!

Be sure to listen to the show.

Until next time,

Go in Health!


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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