An Epiphany

“Naked and unashamed” is not just about removing coverings and fear. Rather it is about being open to receive.

Conversations About Life, XIV

Doctor of the Heart.

Conversations About Life, XIII

The Choice, the Freedom, the Relationship with Father restored.

Conversations About Life, X

More conversations about life. What is birthed is then nurtured. In losing ourselves we become who we are created to be.

A Life Changer

It can be a real life changer to ask Father, in relationship, ‘what do you want?’

Conversations About Life, VIII

Losing ourself in and becoming one with Father.

Conversations About Life, VI

A personal revelation of a lifesaving alternative therapy and the courage to be different.

Conversations About Life, IV

We are here to experience Father’s Life though we often make it hard on ourselves.

Mantra Pt. 3 – Keep it Naked

We could live at a high vibrational level, thanks to Yeshua for opening the way, and live completely open and naked at all levels.

Mantra Pt. 2 – Keep it Childlike

We need to be child-like.