Living in Two Worlds, Part III – the Answer?

Having posed the question how one lives in Body and Spirit at the same time when they seem so diametrically opposed, I have been struggling with how it can realistically be done, with effectiveness in either. Here is a suggestion. LISTEN. Listen? To what? Remember – this is all about Restoring the lifestyle modeled in the […]

Living in Two Worlds, Part II – Beyond Theories

We discussed in Part I living in Spirit vs. living in Body and that while the First Adam’s choice locked us into living in Body (Physical), the choice of the Second Adam reopened the possibility of living in Spirit. The question now arises – what does either look like? Living in Body is pretty familiar to all of us.  Get a job, trade time for […]

We Live in Two Worlds – or Not

When God first put Man on the planet He gave him an impossible task – by our way of thinking.  He was to dress and keep the garden.  Now the garden was bordered by 4 rivers and its square miles had to be very large.  If he was a “Superman” he could not possibly have […]