Being Naked

If you have followed me at all on this blog, designed and intended to be thought-provoking and controversial, or on my health blog at, you know that I believe there are many advantages and much healing to be gained when nude/naked.  This transcends the sexual aspects, opening oneself up not only to others but […]

An Epiphany

“Naked and unashamed” is not just about removing coverings and fear. Rather it is about being open to receive.

Conversations About Life, IV

We are here to experience Father’s Life though we often make it hard on ourselves.

Losing to Gain

Listen to Father, lose self, gain Life abundantly.

Naked and Unashamed

There is a growing awareness in “Christendom” these days about the difference between Heart and Head, Wild and Civilized, Desire and Duty. For me personally, it all started with John Eldredge and Wild at Heart. Finally, someone that could articulate my deep and long-held desire to get real with myself and God and get past all the form and ritual inherent in the religion we call Christianity! […]