Conversations About Life, XVI

Dealing with differences of opinion.

Conversations About Life, IX

A conversation about life, really getting open and real and asking the deep questions.

Father TRULY Loves us

Realizing how much Father truly loves us and is delightedly ecstatic about us makes it easy to deeply trust him and become our true selves.

Do We Love – Really?

Challenge yourself to truly Love after reading Darin Hufford’s “The Misunderstood God.”

It is All About Love

For many years scientists have been looking for the unifying “thing” or force that ties everything else up into one neat package.  When you study physics the same basic principles apply across the board but the energies all have different properties.  Gravity works on large bodies across space but doesn’t seem to work at the […]

Big Picture helps Keep It Simple

I have been stirred up in the last few days. It all began with the political drama unfolding and realizing that no one is talking about the BIG issue – killing babies. Yeah, you heard me right. KILLING babies. As a doctor whose goal and passion is to help people get well and as a […]

Eavesdrop on a Conversation about Life and Love

I recently had this exchange with my amazing nephew, Jonny. He is a young man with a big heart and an amazing talent with the camera. We were communicating on Facebook.  It started out with him asking how I am  my family were doing and took into my “rant”: Working hard at hearing Father and […]

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