Conversations About Life, XVIII

Dr Jon gets personal about medicine, motive, money and message.

Conversations About Life, XIV

Doctor of the Heart.

Trusting Father – or Not

We are born not trusting Father, and in spite of the words we are taught and speak, our actions show that we do not really trust Father to provide for us. Let’s change that.

Marketing – for REAL

Heart wins over glitz in entertainment and hopefully in marketing.

Time to Get Naked with Myself

Having suggested earlier that “Naked and Unashamed” is what God intended and still intends for us, I realized that it is time to do the soul-searching and get really Naked – and Unashamed – with myself.  Specifically, Who Am I?, What Am I Here For?, What Makes My Heart Come Alive? (as Eldredge challenges us to discover). This came home to me quite directly as I spoke with a friend last evening and got REALLY upset at her for not believing that she had anything to say or any experiental knowledge that other people might want. […]

Naked and Unashamed

There is a growing awareness in “Christendom” these days about the difference between Heart and Head, Wild and Civilized, Desire and Duty. For me personally, it all started with John Eldredge and Wild at Heart. Finally, someone that could articulate my deep and long-held desire to get real with myself and God and get past all the form and ritual inherent in the religion we call Christianity! […]

Eavesdrop on a Conversation about Life and Love

I recently had this exchange with my amazing nephew, Jonny. He is a young man with a big heart and an amazing talent with the camera. We were communicating on Facebook.  It started out with him asking how I am  my family were doing and took into my “rant”: Working hard at hearing Father and […]

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