Conversations About Life, XVIII

Dr Jon gets personal about medicine, motive, money and message.

Conversations About Life, VII

Two people sharing their deep hearts, fears and desires, getting “naked” with each other.

The Answer

Healing is not getting rid of anything but RECEIVING what we need to get back to 100%.

Three Things for Healing

Three things that will bring us to healing.

Looking Deeply Within

Full and complete Healing is waiting within.

How Much Healing do You Want? – Part I

Three levels, at least, of existence with analogy to levels of physics.

Why Not Healing?

Not receiving, not believing, not going to the deep emotions that control us are the reasons why we don’t get healed.

Autism – A New, Wholistic Approach

A Wholistic Approach to the Causes and Treatment of Autism

More Than an April's Fool

More than an April’s fool, I believe in bigger and better.

Living or Dying?

Are we here on the planet to prepare to die or to really live?