Conversations About Life, IX

A conversation about life, really getting open and real and asking the deep questions.

Welcome New Readers

A welcome to readers and a review of resources available from Dr Jon, the Renegade Doc.

Renegade Interview #1 – Chuck Bartok

Renegade Interview with Friend and Mentor, Chuck Bartok, a Renegade Farmer and Marketer.

Body-Spirit Connection

Body is the instant replay, the slow motion version of spirit so we can see what we need to work on. Use the body to grow and develop as spirit and use the body to raise its vibration. We are both body and spirit and each are equally important to our sojourn here in the physical.

Half Full or Half Empty?

Perspective is a wonderful, and a frightening, thing. We all have one. Every one in the world is different. This is pointed out in the old and common analogy of the glass with water in it up to the halfway line.  Some look at it and think it is half full (optimist) while others see […]

MRSA in the News!

Our local Fox News Station did a feature on this evening’s news just a couple of hours ago about community-acquired MRSA.  They featured an 8-year old who almost died as a result.  Then they went on to talk to an Afro-American Doctor who has a clinic in the city.  This all was the result of […]

Mr. Trump, you made the right choice but the wrong decision

The final episode of Celebrity Apprentice was pretty intense. Was definitely lots of fun to watch; as such it was great TV! It pitted the “nice guy” Trace Adkins against the ruthless Piers Morgan. Trace made points with people, making relationships and friendships. Piers made money. Trace was a gentleman, Piers was manipulative. In the […]

You Gotta Love Technology!

See the new look on the blog – Google Ads posted along the sidebar. No big deal, you say. Everyone has them. True, except everyone but me until a few minutes ago! Have you ever taken one of those surveys where part way through they are asking at what level of computer literacy you are? […]

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