The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice water over the head challenge to raise funds for ALS Research has taken the country by storm, gone viral across social media, reaching to young and old, the person on the street and the person in high office.

So as a “lurker” on Facebook I saw lots of people dumping lots of ice water on themselves and could figure out it had to with fundraising for ALS but had no idea how or why it all started.

Then, a few days ago my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, the amazing Tepka Doubet, challenged me to do the ALS IceBucketChallenge.  I have to say the immediate response was not to go right out and dump cold water on my head, though that could be a very invigorating experience!

No, my first thought was a more personal and intense question of what this was all about.

First, thanks to our former superb neighbor and still friend, Kristy Rudden, who posted the video outlining the “why” and “how” all this came about in the first place.

Next, I did some thinking and right at the same time was made aware of some of the background involved.

Let me share some of those thoughts not because I have the need to “talk” but because this is a wonderful opportunity to make a donation and a challenge that could change  lives for the better for a long time to come.

At about the same time Tepka challenged me a post by Nathanael King came across my newsfeed which opened the whole discussion about research and stem cells.  Just today there was another posting which offered some options if stem cell research is a concern (and at some level it should be).

Now, before I go any further, please know this post is not about the pros and cons of stem cell use, nor about the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate tied to that.  Rather, as the “Medical Heretic/Renegade Doctor” this post is about Thinking, Asking Questions, and Opening to the Possibility that there ARE ALREADY answers, means and tools available to deal with ALS, Leukemia, Parkinson’s, Arthritis and any other “dis-ease” you may want to name.

We don’t need to stay in the old paradigm that “cures” will come from throwing lots of money at a problem.  (Interestingly, if I as an Alternative Medicine thinker use the word ‘cure’ in offering hope to a suffering individual I would be in serious trouble with governing bodies – but fund raising can use the word without any evidence of success or future accountability! ??? )  If money were the answer, why has Cancer become MORE of a problem since the “War on Cancer” was declared many years ago?   But I don’t want to go there either…..

Rather, what we need, and my challenge to the medical world is to change the paradigm altogether.  Realize that fighting or killing a problem never solves it.  This is true in medicine and in society.  Get the bigger picture that we are not “merely” physical beings who need to manipulate our physical existence in ways that we deem  best.

No.  Instead, start from the paradigm that we are spiritual/energetic beings taking part in a physical existence but our true self, our true source, is still energetic.  The physical expression that is our body serves to express our true self and become the picture of what is true at the deep level.  If the expression isn’t what we wish then changing the outward expression (medicine, surgery, etc.) won’t change the source.

The computer is a great analogy.  The actual computer is the motherboard with the processor into which core functioning parameters are loaded.  The hard drive and flash drives hold the functioning programs and contain and store information (experiences) that can be added and deleted.  The monitor (our body) expresses what the programs are dictating.  Without any one part the whole doesn’t work properly and becomes useless.  But seeing an error (dis-ease) on the monitor (body) and scratching over or whiting out the monitor doesn’t fix the error.  It has to be recoded at the program level.

So before we throw lots of dollars at a (very worthy) goal, to really help our friends and loved ones affected, it is time for us as a culture to rethink “dis-ease” and find ways to reprogram ourselves.  If we are going to donate funds let’s do so to people who already have answers and successes with reprogramming ourselves and who can teach the rest of us – people with dis-eases, physicians, researchers and politicians alike – to change where change really counts.

So my donation is not money but something significantly more valuable:


Awareness that there is another way to think about who we are and what makes us dis-esed.  Awareness that there are other methods and means already being used to effect real change.  That with awareness comes new  possibility.

My challenge is for the ALS society and the Parkinson’s society and the Leukemia society and the …… society to use the dollars generated for their very worthy causes to convene a panel of people who can truly make changes, to invite them to share their knowledge and insights and successes and together take the best of the better and come up with Awesome Practicality for all of us.

Some examples of who should be at that table include (not in any particular order):

Richard Schulze, Herbalist, curing the incurable for years
Chiropractic (as a young physician I lost a mentor to ALS after a serious motor vehicle accident and  learned with minimal digging that neck injury can cause ALS)
Meridian Testing technology (a noninvasive way to find “bad things” in us like pesticides that also can cause ALS)
Bradley Nelson, DC, founder of The Emotion Code
Gary Craig, founder of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique (and/or others who use similar very powerful and helpful technologies)
Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, DC of Access Consciousness
Norman Shealy, MD
Bernie Siegel, MD
Bruce Lipton, PhD, epigeneticist
Gregg Braden
Louise Hay, who healed her own cancer many years ago

And the list could go on.

The point is, we don’t need to do a lot of research using a worn out paradigm that has proven expensive, ineffective and narrow in scope based on inaccurate assumptions of the body, kept alive only by tradition and vested interests with lots of the money raised going to many other areas of the organization besides actual research.

Rather, opening up to new ideas, new thoughts and new possibilities could lead research into some very effective, powerful, inexpensive and truly healing approaches available and useful for all.

After all, isn’t the reason for the ice bucket challenge to find real solutions for suffering people and not just to raise money?

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