Being Thankful for People

Today is Thanksgiving Day!

Awesome that we as a country stop to give thanks! Sure, we can get negative and complain that it is the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Retail Season and note that it get bypassed between Halloween and Christmas and wonder if we are really all thankful and…………you get my drift.

But let’s just stop and be thankful. We actually have a day set aside to do so. Who else in the world does this?

Nor did I want to get political – just hard to not go there when you start out thinking about it.

What I wanted to do was to get thankful – in a different way.

In the past I have done my duty and been thankful for all the things for which I was supposed to be thankful:
God Loving Me

Today, though, I want to look at things a bit differently.

I have been learning that what we spend our time and energy on is what we see happening in our lives. The Bible uses the expression “What a man sows he reaps.”
Now you will tell me that it is obvious. But is it?
Do you worry about your arthritis or ?? (put your dis-ease in here). You probably have arthritis and probably is not getting any better.
Do you worry about not having any money? You probably don’t have any.
Do you worry about people not being thankful? You probably don’t see much thankfulness in the people around you.
Funny how that works, isn’t it. Like some big secret that isn’t really such a secret, only we haven’t really figured out what it means and how it works.

So today I am thankful for — PEOPLE.
In particular, people who have meant a lot to me over the months and years, people who serve me in many ways – at stores where I shop, for example.
I am especially thankful for the people who are my therapists who give of their time and talent to help me improve my physical/emotional life and livelihood.
I am thankful for people who “kick my butt” and help me see where I need to change my thinking or take action differently from what I have been doing.
I am thankful for the people who encourage me in a mastermind group to grow and be and do who I am and to turn that into business that helps others.
I am truly thankful for a Loving Father who Accepts me and Approves of me and still Loves me lavishly, intimately, deeply, who has given a Brother as an example and His Spirit as empowerment to change me and transform me from inside out.

What an awesome world this is in which we live!
We have the freedom to be the people God has made us to be;
We can use the setbacks to help focus us and energize us to continue the pursuit.

And I am thankful for each of you who read this; thank you.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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