About GoodHeart Group and Dr Jon

GoodHeart Group, Inc. is the vision of Jon A Moreshead, MD, LMT, a trained Family Physician. Soon after entering private practice in Harrisonburg, VA in 1983 Jon became interested in “alternative medicine” – chiropractic, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, electrical acupuncture, etc. His eventual re-formed views of health and healing led to the discontinuation of conventional medicine in 1990. Most recently he became certified as a Licensed Massage Therapist, along with his nurse-wife, Susan. Besides teaching Anatomy and Physiology at The Healing Arts Center in St Louis, MO, he also maintains a web presence for multiple ventures GoodHeart Group, Inc. and helps his older son, Philip, with a growing lawn service.

Susan is an RN and a Licensed Massage Therapist as well. She spends a lot of her time being a homeschooling Mom of David, still at home. She is involved with the senior group at our church, New City Fellowship of St. Louis, and helps her parents as needed. She loves candles and candle-related crafts.

Son Philip is a senior at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, majoring in communication. His intent is to be a radio sports broadcaster (the new Jack Buck). He also is the in absentia manager of B & M Lawn Service.

Son David is a High School student, both homeschooled and attending a learning academy here in St Louis. His interests are drama, piano, and real estate.

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  1. Hello Dr. Jon,

    I appreciate Doctors who know when to say when and get to the heart of the problems today. You have come along way and look forward to working more with you in the coming future.

    Judith May

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