The Secret to Winning the Battle Against MRSA!!

A couple of days ago my dear friend and colleague, Chuck, in California told me that his adult son almost overnight showed up with a case of MRSA. My Doctor brain immediately went into “help him” mode.

I had to tell him about a solution that would

  • protect his son from further damage,
  • prevent him from getting into serious sequelae from taking the antibiotics prescribed, and
  • even improve his overall health!

In other words he could get over the infection and be better than when he first started with it!!

Now I know, all of you think I am crazy and off my rocker (hence the title of the blog!) but hear me out.

First let’s look at the scope of the problem with MRSA. Chuck called me today to say that a local news broadcast had a feature this morning about a high school football player who was just diagnosed with the dis-ease. Young people are supposed to be healthy enough to not get it.

In the words made famous by the excellent movie Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem!”

So what is MRSA?

The “SA” stands for “Staphylococcus Aureus,” a strain of bacteria which is a normal inhabitant of human skin and nose tissue. [I can’t resist putting in a plug here for the “environmental theory” of infection – the idea that bacteria only become problematic when the environment in a person’s body is conducive for it’s growth. In other words when a person does not have adequate immunity. But we digress; that discussion is for another time!] Normally this does not cause problems. In the instances where it might, usually a dose of a Penicillin type of antibiotic, Methicillin, will “take care” of it.

However, there has developed a strain of the Staph Aureus which in now Methicillin Resistant, hence the abbreviation/acronym MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. In other words, there is not a good choice of antibiotic out there in the pharmaceutical world that treats this bacterium adequately and effectively. That should trouble you!

Here are some facts from a Microbiology site on the internet1:

Many commonly prescribed antibiotics are not effective against these bacteria.
It is no more dangerous or virulent than methicillin-sensitive S. aureus but it is more difficult to treat.

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