Cancer Awareness

This is October, otherwise known as BCAM,
the acronym for

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

First, let me say – this is a good thing. Goodness knows we need more awareness about cancer. Or maybe we don’t, since most families in this country have been or are being affected by this dread disease.

My mother died at the too young age of 45 of probably ovarian or maybe uterine or cervical cancer in 1962, leaving behind not only a grieving husband, but 5 kids between the ages of 14 and 6. Her passing caused ripples, even tsunamis, the effects of which are still being felt!

Her granddaughter, my niece, passed of leukemia in 2014 at age 33 leaving not only a grieving husband but two young children still in elementary school.

A few months later, her mother, my sister, developed breast cancer and at one point nearly died, but thank the Father has done some significant (alternative) treatments and has survived.

And I saw and treated cancer patients when I practiced medicine.

So cancer is not a stranger to me.

In fact, cancer is no doubt part of the reason I became a physician and in particular why I have spent time, money and energy learning about treatments that actually work!

So don’t get up in my grill when I tell you I am not a big fan of BCAM and going pink.

Understand it’s not that I’m opposed to finding a cure for cancer. No, it’s because I am really upset that all the effort, emotion and sacrifice made by many good people typically go to waste when the talk about and raise money for “cancer research”.

I recently posted on my Facebook page, Your Health Matters!, the link to an article that speaks to this issue.

The more I looked into the whole cancer issue the more I discovered that

a LARGE portion of money raised by most “cancer research” fundraising groups goes to administration costs (i.e. salaries of the people at the top) and not to actual research.

mammograms are a leading cause of breast cancer and the machines are made by the people who push the hardest to raise money to “fight” breast cancer.

in general, cancer is big business so the motivation to actually “cure” it is nonexistent.

And, worst of all, there have been multiple approaches to treating cancer which have actually cured it, none of which are allowed to reach the level of public awareness because it would shut down the cancer research, multibillion dollar industry.

Some examples:

Royal Rife in the early 20th century had 100% cures by using light energy and some elegant, simple devices, easily reproducible today.

William Donald Kelley, DDS, cured himself of pancreatic cancer by looking at metabolic types and adapting diet for the appropriate type.  This requires some balancing of pH in particular.

Dr. Emanuel Revici developed successful treatment for cancer based on balancing anabolism and catabolism in the body using simple tests and simple compounds to affect profound change toward health.

Rene Caisse , a Canadian nurse, found some Native wisdom and with a combination of herbs had many cures of breast cancer.  Her remedy is called Essiac Tea (her name spelled backwards).

Max Gerson, MD, in the 1930s and beyond successfully treated many cancer patients with diet and proper use of supplements including enzymes.

Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, of Houston, TX has been and is still treating cancer patients successfully, in spite of the US government/State of Texas efforts to shut him down.  His case has finally been dismissed.

These are just a few successful treatments that come quickly to mind.  There are others.

So I am not against raising the awareness level cancer.  No way, and to the contrary!  I am opposed to the misleading, wasteful, never intending to be successful efforts of the fundraising organizations who are actually dulling our awareness about the real cures for cancer.

Here is my solution:

Let’s take all the money being raised by “fake research” and let’s give it to the people who have shown actual, successful results against cancer.

Let’s use some of the money and pressure the government to stop harassing the doctors who are being successful.

Let’s use some of the money and put it in the coffers of doctors who are successfully fighting cancer but who are less successful at fighting the government agencies trying to stop them.

Let’s truly raise the awareness, not that there is breast cancer and other kinds of cancer, but that real curative solutions are already available and effective.

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