Wal-mart’s CEO Needs to Call Me

Times are purportedly tough and folk are looking for ways to generate more cash, even large corporations, one would assume.

We are taught in marketing classes, conferences, videos, blogs and emails that the best customer to sell to is the one who has just bought, hence the concept of the backend sale or upsell.

So I was in Wal-mart today making a purchase and the problem-solving brain kicked in as I observed what went on with my purchase. 

I commented to the clerk what he and his store could do to make more money after the service sale than made by the actual service.  He agreed it was a good idea but didn’t think he had the brains (nor, bless his heart, the motivation/ambition either) to effect the upsale.

This brings up a couple of questions:

  • How come Wal-mart isn’t already doing this – it is such a no-brainer even I could see it immediately?
  • Why doesn’t a company like Wal-mart provide incentives for their employees to think they CAN do better and generate more cash for their store?

Guess they need a Mastermind group like we have at the business building group in which I am involved, YouCANBuild.it.  We encourage the brain power and the action needed to generate the extra cash.  Join us and see for yourself.

And for those of you who actually read this, when you go to the site avail yourselves of the FREE stuff that will help you.  Audio version of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of them.  Gotta love it!

Be thinking of ways to help your own bottom line.


Dr Jon

P.S. The next question is why don’t I do it myself?  Been thinking about it.  Would be about a $100 initial investment in equipment and supplies.  Since I am not standing at the actual cash register at the time of service there are some logistic problems in getting names of folk who used the service.  That will be the tough part.  And other places provide the same service – we’ll find those and offer it to them. We’ll work it out!

2 Responses to “Wal-mart’s CEO Needs to Call Me”

  1. Great Insight Dr. Jon,
    So many people think they just don’t have the ‘right’ to offer an upsell in the large corporations simply because of the size of the company or a lack of incentive from the managers.
    Goal setting and Incentive building are two skills that are not taught in our schools today (along with some other valuable life skills that have been stripped). Seems our schools are doing more and more to turn young people away from thinking for themselves and more towards following the ‘Herd’ mentality.
    George Orwell had it right, just took an extra 30 years to get us there.

  2. I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

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