Ticked Off with Internet Marketing

Now please forgive me for having my own issues but I have to say that this internet marketing thing has really got me ticked off (trying to be nice here – could use the word starting with “p”).

I have been trying to do the marketing thing for some time now and finally got some straightforward advice.  That advice had to do with mindset (the most important factor about the whole marketing world – and which the usual marketer never talks about).  The concept was that if I would perform a particular action for 21 days, that would reset the mental program.  Has to do with how the brain works.

Tired of my old mindset I took the challenge.  The big issue I wanted to start on was to get traffic to my site so I went onto safelists and traffic exchanges.  As I went to one, another would pop up, each with their own deal and lots of promise for success.  Just walk through the process: Sign up, start promoting with that one, join the system, the program or whatever.  And on and on.  Over the last two weeks I have seen a ton of programs/products/systems, all of which look the same as those I have seen over the last 6-8 years.

Here is what I am PO’d about:

Every one of the products/offers/tools/systems look just like all the others and run you through the same process – which makes all of them look like great big overblown scams.  It goes something like this:

Sign up for my FREE offer of the best and only working and successful thing out there (get me in the door), but OH, BEFORE you get the offer here is my SPECIAL ONE-TIME offer that is  a collection of hundreds of valuable ebooks, videos, splash pages, etc. (stun me with the value and make me WANT it) normally selling for 20,000 bucks but yours today for only $37 (affordable) and if you pass on it now you will never see this offer again (urgency).

Now when you dissect these offers/sales letters, they all fit the pattern that we are taught will make us successful, so at one level you can’t complain too much, I guess.  What works must work.  Unfortunately, I’ve been suckered a time or two before and discovered that these offers lack the one thing that make them real:


In short, this whole internet marketing world is missing one thing:

A FRIEND.  A Relationship.  A Howdy, how are you?

So I’ve just spilled my guts.  My failure at marketing is due to my problem – I need a friend.

My next question, though, is this:  How about you?  Do you need, or would you like, a friend in the marketing world, too?  There is a store here in St Louis whose tagline is that they are a friend in the diamond busines.

I’m going to swipe it:  You have a friend in the marketing business – me.

Fortunately, I have some help – a Mastermind Group.  He is called Chuck Bartok and Sam Camerano and a whole bunch of other folk in the Beginner’s Marketing  Class.  We talk to each other (phone calls, weekly conference calls, forum), ask questions and get help.  Chuck keeps us on track with overview and focus.  Matt is our “Geibing Light” (BMC joke) who is getting out of himself and setting an example for all of us.  Kevin took action and when the job was gone it only gave him time to do what he wanted in his own business which was already making more than the job anyway.  Traci helps us with the techncial stuff.  Etc., Etc.  Real people, real friends, real results, encouraging each other to find their real selves.

Looking for REAL in internet marketing?  You have a friend in the marketing business.

Love and Blessings,

Dr Jon
St Charles, MO

P.S. Listen to some of the recorded conference calls on Talkshoe.com, both the book discussion and Public Call.  If you appreciate what you hear join us on the live calls, introduce yourself and tell ’em Dr Jon sent you.  Expect a personal call back, though – I/we would like to know more about you.

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