The Wizard of Twitter

It was a stormy night in [Kansas] and Dorothy was late getting home to the safety of her underground bunker. Instead she got a bonk on the head and next thing she knew…

“Todo, I don’t think we are in [Kansas] anymore!”

But where was she?

Everything was short. Sentences were spoken in 140 character or less lengths.

At first nothing made sense.  She could hear the back half of one conversation but not the front; everybody had this funny @ sign where there lips should be.

Finally, this Tweety looking thing came down out of the sky and took her by the hand and asked if she wanted a tour.

    “Only if you tell me where I am, first!” she replied.
    “Oh, didn’t you know?  You are in Twitterville! Where you meet friends and (?) influence people unless you get influenced first.”

(my apologies to L. Frank Baum).

It is a strange phenomenon, however. Some love it, others hate it, doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.  I have certainly met/been exposed to/been influenced by some wonderful people that would never have entered my life without the tweets!

Try it for yourself. Sign up, pick your twitter name – be creative or not, doesn’t matter.

Find me there: Come follow.

Love & Blessings,

Dr Jon

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