People and Marketing are Strange Animals!

The fact that some people want your stuff and some people don’t is talked about all the time among marketing circles, but I am learning it first hand.

My friend and coach, Chuck Bartok, says it this way:

Marketing is knowing how to share YOUR idea with others and those who may be of like mind will enjoy the sharing and follow your lead on things recommended.

It is your presentation that encourages them to ACTION

I’m learning it myself today.  Here’s why:

Yesterday I sent an email to a list offering one of my products at a HUGE discount.  This product uses basic information about your body and generates a report telling you what foods you should eat and what supplements you need.  It is the best way I know for you to get the “big picture” of your health status and begin to move to enhance overall health.

So I am in my inbox today and one of my list subscribers unsubscribed stating that there were too many emails and the price was too high.

Made me laugh.

1) This was the second email sent in about a month.  Before that it had been a year or two since one had been sent.
2) This was also a “double opt-in” list that required 2 permissions to send anything.
3) Price point for the product was in the $150 range.

So why did I laugh?

I compared my marketing attempts with those that I receive from others.

First, many of the lists I subscribe to send emails two or three times per day.
Second, in the same inbox I had two other offers for products.  One of these only dealt with pain.  The other only dealt with hormone imbalance.  Neither gave any kind of whole body or “big picture” help for health (though each of these products no doubt are a big help for the respective problems they were addressing).
Third, prices of both of these products were in the $180 to $250 price range.

So, as Chuck would say, this subscriber was no longer of the same mind and that is OK.  It is also therefore OK for them to move on and leave the list.  We wish them well.

I, on the other hand, need to do a better job of staying in touch with subscribers.  A year between emails is way too long so the subscriber likely forgot subscribing!  Two or three per day kind of goes against my grain, however.

BTW, if you would like to get the information about this amazing health assessment product, go here.  If you want to participate, contact me and get the special pricing offer.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

3 Responses to “People and Marketing are Strange Animals!”

  1. Thanks for this insight into the world of list-building and marketing to your list.

    I received your offer and I am pleased to say that it was not me that unsubscribed, even though I will not be taking it up.

    I too get emails from some lists where I have subscribed on a daily basis. Very few get opened up, and they are sent to my junk box very quickly. Occasionally one is opened, and if I no longer wish to subscribe then I unsubscribe from that list.

    It seems that some marketers follow the mantra “That the money is in the list”, without realising that building a relationship (a 2 way relationship) is essential for getting a potential customer to make the emotional decision to buy.

    I wish you well with your offer.

  2. Thanks for the insights in this post.

    It seems that some marketers follow the maxim ‘The money is in the list’ forgetting that buying is an emotional act, and that building a relationship with a potential customer is equally, if not more important.

    I find the delete command in my email service very useful. It takes just a few seconds to scan the title of an email, select the junk and delete. Occasionally I open one, just to check if I’m missing something, or to unsubscribe.

    I hope you offer goes well.

  3. Thanks for the mention Jon.

    Your experience is common, but your Reaction is NOT.
    You now have a grasp on WHAT a constant action Marketing must be and the regular winnowing of the LIST.

    As we progress we start to develop and Prune lists towards Those Of Like Mind”.

    It is not an instant system. Major companies spend billions in surveys, asking questions and pruning their mailing lists, and Directing MEDIA ads to the right Market…those who care

    Guess what! this is a business and must be Planned and acted upon as ONE. The systems have worked for thousands of years.
    Keep up the good work.

    By the Way, the link below directs your readers to a Fabulous system to assure the RIGHT people contacting you…
    The Network Blog System

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