Marketing – for REAL

This is a Friday night and my wife and I are sitting here watching America’s Got Talent (catching up, thanks to DVR!).Actually I should say she is watching it; I am half looking, half listening while I sit with my Father’s Day gift of a laptop (yea boys – thank you!) on my lap catching up with email.

As a Wannabe Marketer I have multiple email accounts and subscribe to multiple lists and surfing sites, etc.  Generally the related emails pile up in the inboxes and once a week, or two, or three, it’s clean out time.

Here’s what I do: I skim the email subject lines looking for the rare headline that catches my attention.  Usually it is a video on some helpful technique, or a free report that looks like it may solve a current problem or answer a current question.  Or it may be from a person I have appreciated in the past and want to keep up and listen to what they have to say.

I move those VERY few to a “holding” folder and select all the rest and delete them enmasse.  Saves time and overload.

Why do I not even open over 99% of them?

  1. They promise a lot of money with minimal or no investment and they do all the work.  Sorry, that’s not the way it works, even in the magical world of the internet; whether or not those email senders are or not, they give the appearance of being liars or at least scam artists or at worst duped themselves and perpertrating the scam.
  2. They are a repeat of the same headline seen before, perhaps many times.  That tells me they are just one of a “team” (robot) for someone else’s program. That means if you join you also become a robot.  No thanks.  Even if it would make a ton of money, I don’t like or want to be a robot. I’m stubborn (and foolish?) that way.
  3. They’ve got the look and feel of MARKETING written all over them.  I personally hate it when others try to sell me something – think I wrote a blog about that recently.
  4. But MOSTLY because there is NEVER anything remotely personal about any of these emails.  I am looking for conversation, dialogue, relationship, care, compassion.  You get the idea.  I am a massage therapist, after all; I like contact and touching!

And what does any of this have to do with America’s Got Talent on a Friday night?


This show and those of similar format are all about earning votes and how do contestants earn votes?  There are two ways that became especially clear:

  1. They PERFORM in  some glitzy, showy, fancy, unique, talented, attention-getting, awe-inspiring, wallet-opening way that has the audience on their feet, whistling, clapping and clamoring for more.  Showmanship.  On purpose.
  2. They OPEN THEIR HEART and generate a real, deep connection that has the audience sitting, stunned, fighting back gulps and tears until it is over, then picking themselves up, looking around to check with their neighbor if it was OK that they were so emotional and thenclapping when they realize it really was OK.  Real emotion.  Real person. Real heart.  Wide open.  Sharing.  Just because.

Sounds like marketing, doesn’t it?  At least the first does.  The second sounds like conversation, dialogue, touching people, getting “naked” with them.

And guess what?  The glitz may make more money but at the end of the day the heart wins the hearts.

I want to be the latter.  Open my heart.  Just be the country boy, no glitz, no big act, just simple me, sharing, dialoguing, opening up, getting real, being naked, touching you where you need to be touched to help you let go of something so you can grow a bit more and come a bit closer to being who you really are.

I recently wrote my story, opened my heart, so folk could get a glimpse of what it is like to go against the grain medically.  Those of you who are struggling with medical or other problems who need a listening ear may appreciate it. Click the link and read it.  Call me if you like.  Those of you who want glitz just keep moving on; you’ll be bored and upset so don’t do that to yourself.

If we are going to market, let’s make it real.  Mostly, let’s just be real.


Dr Jon

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