Make Money Online Project

After many attempts at various ways to generate extra cash (does that sound familiar to anyone??) I have decided to try a program that looks like it would work.

But – this time there are a couple of differences from the previous astoundingly failures:

1) I have decided to stick to it and give it a real shot, not hop around and skip to something else before it has a chance to get going (aboaut time I grew up, right?)

2) To help me stay on course and to help you find out if one of these programs can actually work, I am writing the daily activity report of how I learn, get lost, get frustrated, ask for help, wend my way through the maze, build the web site(s), talk to the support team, etc., etc.

So, it is either going to work or not. Either way you will benefit from knowing either it will or it won’t or changes that need to be made to make it work. And, you will find out how a rank novice marketer may have a shot at being a success online.

Hope it proves helpful for you; I know it will for me!

Also hope we all make some money – wouldn’t that be fun to look this supposedly dying economy in the face and come out a winner?!


Dr Jon

PS. Follow the process through the diary here.  WARNING! Nothing fancy, just raw information.

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