I HATE – and Love – Systems!

We constantly hear today, especially in the marketing world, about putting everything into a system. Of course, the reason for doing this is to be able to duplicate and automate. It goes to the idea of doing something once and getting paid over and over again, the idea of efficiency. And of these I am also a big fan. I love to be “lazy” as much as the next guy, get the maximum efficiency out of my efforts. Hence the Love Affair.

For example, I am involved with a product line that markets via the referral system. This is an awesome product. Very efficient. Very nutritious. Very successful in helping people get healthy and in the process lose weight, get toned and improve health. The perfect product and perfect company for a health nut like myself, for one who is interested in helping other people get healthy. (If you would like to know more about the product, go here.) In the process of learning how to do the marketing I am taught a “system.” And it is a very good system. Gets people interested, gets them involved in the product and will get many involved in the business aspect.

However, there is one problem with the System/Automation/Duplication approach.

It tends to ignore the most important part of life – and marketing.

It ignores the PERSON.

And particularly it ignores what the Person NEEDS or WANTS.

The systems out there (and there are many and a new one every day or two) are very elaborate. Lots of promotional tools, websites, letters, emails, support forums. Everything the marketer could need. Nothing really focused on the Person/Prospect.

I think I will start a new system. I’ll call it the People System or the Need system.

Only two things in the toolbox – two questions:

What do you need?
How can I help you attain/achieve it?

I know, it’s reactionary and overgeneralized, totally insufficient………..

Just an idea.

Talk to you soon,


Dr Jon

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