Cut the BS of Marketing!

My dear friend, Chuck Bartok of Orland, CA, is the consummate marketer.  He spends his days “peddling” as he calls it, belly-to-belly, by direct mail, via the internet with splash pages and blogs, by email and with any other means by which he can get the word out.His main (excuse me, Chuck, for speaking for you – not a good idea, I know) premise is that nothing happens until someone SELLS something.  The resultant exchange of value in the form of money then generates an economy and moves that economy forward.  Therefore, to help the economy, one needs to unabashedly and tirelessly SELL whatever it is that one has for sale.Chuck is right – to a point.  And far be it from me to argue with him; he is way more successful at moving money around (and into his pocket) than I am.  [In fact, Chuck spends a LOT of his time helping other people SELL things, even has a whole website set up to do that, called Focus Society Mastermind.] However, I would like to put one little twist into that concept.


As he would say, and as you know, no one likes to be SOLD.  That is, no one likes to have someone coerce/convince/lie (?) to them to get them to exchange dollars for products that they DO NOT WANT.  How many of you get the many different and, for some, oft-repeated but always unsolicited envelope, postcard, even package in the mail that is offering the next greatest way to do nothing to make a huge pile of money, all for just $39.95 or $69 if you respond within the next ten days?  (And some for a few thousand dollars!)  If you are like me, these go directly into the trash can, generating only one more “hit” on the cynicism and BS meter of marketing.



Or how many of you have friends and family, or now even strangers as well, sending invitations to meetings or opportunities where you will discover the most amazing nutritional product that will reverse your acne, return you to preteen health complete with white teeth and dark hair, arestore your virility, help you live forever, give you back your sanity and oh, by the way, make you a million or two dollars all within the first month?  Just sign up here and spend a couple of hundred on a monthly autoship and then tell your neighbors (making you the BS of marketing guru and making them hate to see you even drive into your own driveway)!



Overstated a little bit, but you get the picture.  You, I, we all hate to be SOLD!



So how does the economy move forward, as Chuck suggests?  We know it does.  Because the other half of the coin is that we all LOVE to BUY!  Plopping down the bucks for things we WANT is an adrenaline high, a major pleasure trigger.



Thus here is my twist: it is not what you SELL that moves the economy and puts you in the flow of money exchange, but what you can provide that people WANT that does it.  The trick is to 1) discover what people WANT whether you have any interest in it or not, or 2)  find the people who WANT what you are already passionate about.  [Of course, the ideal is to have both wrapped in one – be interested in what lots of people already WANT.]


For example, I WANT a red Triumph TR6,

Triumph TR6

Triumph TR6

restored, black interior, CD player, mint condition.  If someone would come up and offer to SELL me such a beauty he would not have to SELL at all; I would likely do some strange and crazy things to figure out how to work out the purchase.  But if the same person drove up in brand new Ferrari Testarosa I would kindly or not so kindly ask him to leave.  It’s all about WANT!  [Yes, I’m weird, I know, to take the TR over the Ferrari – what can I say?]



Now you know why I am the world’s worst marketer.  First, I hate to SELL.  Goes against the grain.  Second, my interest rarely seems to be what others are interested in.  I am the renegade – by definition going against the grain.  Oh well, guess I’ll call Chuck and see if he and Focus Society can help me out.  I know he will – without all the BS.






Dr Jon


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  1. In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

  2. Maki…as always, great post here.

  3. Here a ton of information here. Thanks! I’ll be back for more

  4. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  5. Thanks for the compliment!
    No, I’m not a “professional” writer – yet. Just love to share my thoughts and ideas and trust they help. Even more than that, that they bring some growth and change toward bigger and better!

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    How about yourself?

    Dr Jon

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