Another – Too Good To Be True

Earlier on this blog I have talked about things that are Too Good To Be True.

Even more recently I have blown off steam at my dislike of Marketing, at least the way it is done on the Internet these days.

But what happens when you do marketing the right way — actually care about people, provide an awesome product with a boatload of benefits for the little guy and keep the price to a reasonable level – and have a product, service and people that are truly too good to be true?

Believe it or not – and most of you won’t because you are programmed to think that “Too Good To Be True” is a true statement – when you put together these two concepts you come up with a very interesting result:

Too Good to be True + Marketing the Right Way = “Unbeatable Product/Service”

Here’s the link:

(If you are a business person, either online or offline, and in any type of business you will appreciate this – once you “get” the concept and understand the power and tools built in)

For those savvy marketers out there I purposely left it a “naked” link and didn’t try to “cloak” it just to point out that one of the many features of this Marketers Goldmine is a built in protection from link stealers (too good to be true!).

Other benefits are too numerous to mention:

Real people doing real marketing helping you in real time
Weekly conference calls for help and answering of questions
Weekly book discussion online for mutual encouragement
Personal help just for asking
Forum to discuss and help with problems, answers to any type of marketing/business model
Products to sell as affiliate
Ability to add your own product(s) and have others be your affiliates helping you sell

And MUCH more…..

Go be – grow – as a person, as a business person.


Dr Jon

P.S. OK – for those of you who can’t wait – the name of this amazing group/tool is
Focus Society Mastermind

Click the link to learn more.

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