Restoring Communion

Having briefly outlined the Cosmic Experiment, or perhaps better called the Cosmic Battle, into which Adam plunged our planet, and the resulting Consequences in our previous posts, we come now to the question of what does this mean in daily life, and is there a solution?

As I alluded in the last post, I don’t think any of us truly understand how completely we are overcome by this need to control.  Every fiber of our being is dedicated to it.  We have to control EVERYTHING and we find all kinds of ways to do so, at times actively and at other times passively.

Those of us who are really good at controlling tend to do so forthrightly.  Domineering men and women who have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed are obvious in their ability and need to control.

Those of us who are not so good at being so forthright have developed a mastery of using passivity and “shrinking” to manipulate our situations and people around us.

Relationships totter and fall, crash and burn around the issues of control and passivity, be they marital, friend or business relationships.  Hint: if you are struggling in any of your relationships, ask where the control issues are.

Business, religion (yes, even the “Christian” church), politics, law, medicine, education, entertainment, the media and every other human organization are all designed to control.  In spite of all the wonderful verbage about how much these aspects of life are set up to help people, they become a monster in their own right, dictating to people what they must and must not do to maintain approval and good standing.

Last weekend I saw a church sign telling the community to “Give the best you have to God.”  That sounds wonderful and who will argue that it is not a good thing to do?  But the implication that there is a part of you that you can keep for yourself is CONTROL, pure and simple.  What if Father is telling you to give Him EVERYTHING, or NOTHING?  Are you listening, communing?

For me, the word “sin” has taken on a totally new meaning.  It is no longer some theological expression that tries to describe how wicked I am, how my behavior needs to be punished.  Rather, it is a word that describes this failure to follow Father’s heart, this falling short of living life in spirit, this failure to commune with Father and instead try to become and live and “make it” on my own, by my own terms, under my own control.

This thing, Control, to which we have given ourselves has totally and insidiously turned and Controlled us!  We are its slave, in more bondage to it than anything else we could possibly imagine.

So we have this problem.  Can this infestation, this spirit-mind-body invasion be negated?

What to do?

Do you want to do?  Do you want release? Freedom?

Many, I fear, don’t.  Being told what to do and how to live life is way too comfortable for many (most?)  Even those of us who are Renegades in some areas find other areas where it is much easier to be told; and we also like to control things that are important to us, such as our “Renegadeness!”

But there is a way to undo, overcome, restore ourselves to the place of Freedom and Communion.  It is simple, yet the hardest thing to do.

Let go.  Stop controlling.  Live in Spirit/Intuition as Adam did originally and reenter that place of Communion with Father.

Easy to say, HARD to do.

The first to do it, truly, was Yeshua, the Christ. His answer was to actually start over, to be reborn, to live life with a different set of genes, under a different rule of genetics. He lived under a genetic code of UNCONTROL.

Note how he characterized his life:

I and my Father are one.
I can do nothing unless I first see my Father doing it.
Not what I want, but what you, Father, want.

When the Enemy tempted Him to gain His Success, His Goals, attain His Purpose on His own, He refused, completely submitting to His Father.

Now it is encouraging to see and think that someone could break this “Curse” but is even more discouraging if we thought we could never do so as well.

But the GOOD NEWS is that Yeshua also pointed out that He came exactly for the purpose of Finding and Restoring what was lost, the Communion between human and Father.  It cost Him His life, but it broke the chains of Control that bind us.

Let’s live in that Freedom and return to Communion, letting go of all the Control!

But we can’t do it with our Head, our Words, our Knowledge.  We can’t do it by more ritual or practice.

We must truly LET GO everything that has made sense to us in the past.

We must LET GO all the covering up that we are so good at doing, all the protection and posturing.

We must rebirth and live under a new genetics.

We must also Listen and Commune and then Do what comes to our heart to do, submitting our moments of every day, our energy, our money, our desire, our goals, our everything to that communion.  Father communicates in spirit and we must live at that level, in spirit, to commune with Him.  The dis-order must be put back into its proper order.

It is somewhat analogous to riding on the rear seat of a motorcycle.  All you can do is hold on.  There is NO CONTROL!  Regardless of what the driver does or where the driver goes, there is nothing you can do.  Your life and safety is totally in the hands of the driver.  There can be fear, for sure, but if you trust the driver and believe that he is most concerned for your best interest and care, there is immense freedom.

Go ahead, LET GO.

Get out of the front seat and climb on back.

Love, Communion, Freedom is there for the receiving.


Dr Jon

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