Mantra Pt. 3 – Keep it Naked

This is the third and final part to my personal mantra: “Keep it Simple, Keep it Childlike, Keep it Naked”.  (Be sure to read the previous two parts as well to get the whole picture).

This is also the hardest part to write and I have been putting it off for at least a couple of years.


All the usual reasons:

  • fear of going against the crowd (REALLY Renegade!)
  • fear of moving into my place and purpose on the planet which will also deliver my message to the planet
  • fear of getting really “naked” with myself and my readers.

But the time has come and here we go……..

First, I am using the word “naked” on purpose to not only get  your attention but also to make a point.

Second, some/most will have all sorts of negative reactions to the idea of nakedness because of the way we have been trained.  Some may accuse me of being a sexual pervert or may think I am talking about sexual behavior.

Let me assure you, I am not a sexual pervert, I am not talking about sexual behavior, and I have also had all the same negative reactions because of having had the same training.

But, in the final analysis, I can’t escape the concept called “naked”.  As a physician become a massage therapist, I have realized that the willingness and ability to get “naked” spiritually, emotionally and even physically is crucial for true, deep and lasting healing of ourselves and our planet.

This must all begin with a story.

The state of Florida required that all seniors take a course on Americanism vs. Communism.  As part of that we of course studied Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.  We had a great teacher who explained that at least part of the reason for Marx’s communist philosophy was an attempt to discover or build a Utopian society and that this was just another in a long line of philosophies and attempts to do the same.  (Interesting isn’t it that Marx had a very religious upbringing!

(I should add that his ideas were taken by others who turned them to their own ambitions and thus made them something totally different and harmful.  I am aware that this could easily be done with what I write here.)

Something inside me clicked and I thought: “That’s it. That’s the whole point of being on the planet.”  And I was caught from that moment on, though it has taken me this long to realize and articulate how impactful this was for me.  From that moment something inside began to look for a “Utopia” brought to this planet from a spiritual source that would bring Father back into prominence and us back into an Eden experience.

Imagine how affirming it was to hear a “guru” say recently that within each of us is the desire to return to paradise, to the Eden of the Genesis story.  Llife lived there was total freedom, lived at a high vibrational level, naked and unashamed, in the constant presence of Father who regularly and continually and intimately dialogued, instructed, and involved Himself completely in the life of His children.

Then, when Adam chose to control things on his own, the picture became one of covering up – completely.  He was hiding from Father – in the bushes.  He was hiding from his wife and from himself – blaming her for his error and failing to take responsibility.  He was hiding from his body – covering it with whatever he could find (a very uncomfortable choice, by the way). 

No doubt his body then looked and felt different than originally.  Father confirmed this when He pointed out that from that point on Adam would beliving at a low vibrational level, “caught” in Body – living by sweat (and not from “flow” or intuition or Spirit) and in pain (from thorns and in childbirth, the expression of the expansion of Life).

By trying to be God and taking control of himself, Adam dropped into a low vibrational level, away from the higher level depicted by the words “naked and unashamed” and in doing so he brought the rest of humanity with him.

So “naked” means living again at a high vibrational level, completely and totally open, at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as individuals and socially, politically and economically as a culture.

Adam was sent out of Paradise/Eden, but the desire to return there has persisted in the deep heart of Man, for to this we were born and for this we were created.

Fast forward several thousand years and a Second Adam appeared, Yeshua, direct Son of Father-God.  This one said, “I have come to seek and to save that which was lost.”  He showed us what Life lived with Father, back at the high vibrational level, looked like: Loving, Dialoguing, in total Oneness and Openness with Father and others, cutting across cultural, social and economic barriers. 

His body was naked at birth, at baptism and at death, for all the world to see and at those times he was most vulnerable and most powerful.  He may have been naked while he worked in the carpenter shop as well, and likely was so in the garden at his resurrection, and perhaps for the forty days after that he remained on the planet in a body.

He openly loved and wept and connected to people emotionally.

He openly and simply prayed and spoke to Father for all to hear and learn.

And at his “end” he said, “It is finished.”  He had accomplished the rescue he came to perform.  The barrier was removed, the veil was rent, and the way back to Paradise was opened once again.

Fast forward another two thousand plus years and look around.  We still do not believe that Yeshua actually did what he said he did.  We still live our lives on the low vibrtional level, under the cover of facade, appearances, religion, performances, false perceptions and, yes, even clothes.  We still think life and dis-ease and everything in between is all about Body and sex and pain and sweat – though some do throw a bit of spirituality in on top.

Most of us still don’t live in Spirit, in flow, in openness, in truth, in integrity to ourselves, our feelings, our dreams, that which we know is within us to be and to do.  Most of us still don’t love in constant dialogue and intimacy with Father as His children.

But the tide is changing.

Thought leaders in areas of business, religion, spirituality and even politics are starting to use words like “open,” “authentic self,” “consciousness,” “integrity,” and “awareness.”

I would suggest that those words, taken to their logical extreme, mean “naked” in its fullest sense.

Most writers and thinkers do not want to go that far, but why not?  This desire for utopia within each of us demands that we do.

This post is getting long enough already, and this is a topic which obviously could generate LOTS of discussion, but here are a few reasons why we should be naked:

  1. Economically “full disclosure” (naked business) uncovers all the hidden agendas of using money.
  2. Politically “naked politics” would have candidates be truthful, getting the dirt (that we all have) out early, saving lots of time, energy and money on having to cover it up or dig it up, leaving the entire time to spend on dialoguing about real issues.
  3. Socially “naked relationships” would put all the deceit and hidden motives out on the table and allow couples to actually get to know each other earlier instead of later, saving lots of heartache and disappointment and broken lives.  One spiritual life coach discusses “naked dating” where she talks about this very idea.
  4. In the religious arena Wayne Jacobsen has written a book called The Naked Church in which he calls us away from the business, glam and “fig leaf” of religion today and back to intimacy with Father.
  5. Physically the quantum biologists tell us that first and foremost our bodies were made to “feel”, that the sensation of touch is the major starting point for hormonal release and body control of all our bodily functions such as pulse, respiration, blood sugar, and even emotion.  What better way to feel than to be 100% open to the possibility of sensation?
  6. Also physically, Vitamin D has been linked to helping/curing many serious illnesses.  What better way to maximize the amount of vitamin D manufactured than to be completely exposed to sunlight?
  7. Emotionally, being physically naked (nudism or naturism) has actually been helpful for men caught in pornography and for women who have been sexually abused.  Perhaps we could explore this further in the future, but for now explore Jeff Bowman’s concepts of Good Nudity.  (It was at his spa that I had the sensation of being like a child once again – see my last post on ‘keep it childlike’).

Sure, there are practical issues like weather and safety when it comes to being physically naked, though perhaps less than we think.  However, probably the only practical issue about being emotionally and spiritually naked is to decide to be that way or not.

(There is also the issue of nudism as recreation.  I have no issue with that and perhaps we could open the discussion about that at a future date, but what I am talking about is a step above that as well.)

In summary, then, my mantra is “keep it simple, keep it childlike, keep it naked”.  And really, “naked” sums up the whole mantra.

You can’t get more simple than open, honest and naked.
Children are innocently naked, not confused by pretense and deceit.

Let’s learn to live at the high vibration. Utopia may even be on the horizon if we do so.


and remember,

“Keep it Simple, Keep it Childlike, Keep it Naked.”

Dr Jon

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  1. AWESOME my good friend! It’s about time we had someone like you in the world!

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