How Do You Ride YOUR Bike?

In talking with friends in the past I have likened our relationship with Father to riding a motorcycle.

You generally have two choices when riding:

  • Be the driver, on front, or
  • Be on back.

Until now I have pointed out that most of us tell Father to get on back, we’ll be OK driving.

In that analogy we are basically telling Father to get lost, we are in control, we don’t Him.

In contrast, we get on back and let Him do the driving.  He can take us wherever He wants, at whatever speed He wants, through whatever weather conditions He wants – and we can do nothing about it.

If you have ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle you know what I am talking about.  It can be very scary and very exhilarating at the same time!  Either way you have to trust the driver and flow with him or you will never get on that bike again!

Of course, in this life Father asks and hopes that we will lean in and talk into His ear to let him know how we are doing back there and dialogue with Him about the whole experience.

However, recently I have graduated up from the motorcycle in my analogy to a bicycle!

That really is a graduation, a growing, because Life is about Choice, and it really is about independence, but with a twist.

In spite of what we have been taught by church and religion, and the oft-used phrase, usually of resignation, and often of despair, “God is in control,” Father REALLY ISN’T in control.

Now at some deep layer He is in control and could wrap this whole human/Earth planet thing up in a blink.  But at the level we all live in, He has chosen to NOT be in control.

That is the point!!

It’s called Free Will, Choice, Relationship.

So here’s where the bike analogy comes in.

When young and just getting our legs under us, your Dad probably got you a bike and probably put the training wheels on.  As you got some balance and confidence and developed some skill with the bike, the training wheels likely came off.

Then, at some point, whether you had the wheels or not, your Dad (say, or someone important in your life) probably ran alongside, holding on and helping you keep the bike upright.

But soon he let go and there you were, on your own, independent, a big boy/girl, wobbling down the road.

Soon thereafter you could ride without wobbling and with real confidence and skill.

Now here’s where the Choice comes in – the good stuff, the point of Life.

Most of us, when we became great riders, when the wobbles quit, headed down the road on our own to learn and explore and see how good we really were.  Most of us probably never thought to turn around and see what Dad was doing after he let go.

I believe that Father continues to stand there, with pride beaming out of His eyes for us, but longing in His heart for us to come back and invite Him to go riding with us, to lead us on ever more difficult and skill-testing trails, to join us in the adventure, to share Life with us.

Most of us go on and do all those things on our own, never checking in with Father to see if He has any wisdom to share, any ideas to offer, any tips to demonstrate.  And we miss out on His companionship and the shared experience.  We miss the thrill of learning from the Master Bikerider.  We never get the affirmation of our skill by hearing Him say for us to take the lead and see where the trail will take us.

Because we are so busy being totally independent we miss the dialogue, the relationship, the companionship, the bonding, the mutual appreciation, the growth, the instruction.

And so does He.

Let’s ride our bikes WITH Father.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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