Father TRULY Loves us

My son and I, in our discussion about trusting Father, went on to talk about why we don’t trust.

I believe that it is because we don’t really believe that Father TRULY loves us, or we don’t really understand the depth and intensity with which He loves us.

“Love” to us (to me – I shouldn’t speak for you) is something we use to describe our feelings about hot dogs and cars and dogs and our family, all in about the same way.

Have you ever walked into a room and noted the people there just light up with appreciation and emotion, just for seeing you?  Haved you ever been around someone who looked at you with pure adoration in their eyes?  Probably most of us would be very uncomfortable if that happened (though inside we would be thrilled), but…..

That is exactly the way Father feels about you and me!

How do I know this?

I certainly haven’t been taught this.  All those years I spent in churches, learning the scripture, doing good deeds, didn’t tell me this (not that I begrudge any of that – it was all helpful in many ways). 

Rather, the God I learned about was actually made out to be mean-spirited, angry, judgmental, vindictive, petty and anything but Love.  Darin Hufford, in his book, The Misunderstood God, does a great job of pointing this out.  He also does a great job pointing out how Father really feels.

Hint: it is the eyes lighting up, the adoration, and it is what the scriptures are actually trying to tell us.

Several things happen with a Father God who feels this way.

First, we can begin to truly trust Him and don’t need to feel like we have to be in control.  This is the key to the sin problem that we discussed in the last post.

I watched the last couple of weeks of Dancing with the Stars and realized that to do the kinds of moves that those contestants were doing required that they completely let go and completely trust the partner to hold them, spin them, protect them from being hurt.  But, if they didn’t let go, the dances would not have happened and would not have been the graceful, exciting, romances that they were.

Second, we can believe Him when He tells us that He has removed the old, controlling heart and given us a good heart.  This in turn opens up life, completely.

In this context, the answer to the question “What do you want me to do?” becomes “Whatever you want to do.”

Thus what I do is not something that is dictated to me by this demanding, unyielding Power, but is what is in my deepest desire, is that for which I am most suited, is what is most aligned with my purpose and reason for being here in the first place.

And besides that, what I do becomes something in which Father joins me, delightedly, wholeheartedly, and with help and attention.  We become partners in the great adventure, together making plans, laying out the path, solving problems, fulfilling purpose and desire. 

Like a good father working with his child, He will offer suggestions, give direction, teach, and stand back, all at the appropriate times.  In it all we need but to listen, learn, and be grateful, while lending our presence, initiative and motivation to the project.  At the end Father will proudly applaud for the wonderful results we have accomplished.

He loves it when my son is out mowing, running a business, following an interest and skill that he has.  He loves it when I sit here on my computer and blog, discussing things near and dear to my heart.  He loves it that I want to acquire an old, pristine TR6 so I can enjoy the wind in my hair and the purring of the motor under my foot.  He loves it that I enjoy listening to Morse Code and playing on my ham radios.  He loves that I so enjoy being in the garden, planning, planting, watching things grow.  He loves that in my heart is the desire to have a nude healing center where people can come and shed all the stuff that is putting them at dis-ease, allowing themselves to move into a place where they can find deep and true healing.  He loves what we love.

Incidentally, it explains why “bad” things happen to “good” people.  Rather than blaming God, we need to realize that bad things do happen on this planet.  That was part of the result of our taking control in the first place.  Father doesn’t necessarily step in and orchestrate everything.  Rather, He is alongside, there to help when the bad things occur.  He will likely also whisper subtle warnings and suggestions which we can act upon or ignore, but if acted upon would likely prevent a lot of the bad things.  Even if we ignore them and the bad thing occurs, He still is madly in love with us and is there to support and console and uplift.

This doing what is in our heart to do gives us the permission to become all that He has made us to be.  We are no longer held back, thinking we need to be a certain way for someone else’s sake.  We no longer have to do something because we think we are supposed to do it.

Instead, we can go deeply inside and discover who we are and go be!

Go deep.  Be you.  Father is delightedly ecstatic about you!


Dr Jon

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