Eavesdrop on a Conversation about Life and Love

I recently had this exchange with my amazing nephew, Jonny. He is a young man with a big heart and an amazing talent with the camera. We were communicating on Facebook.  It started out with him asking how I am  my family were doing and took into my “rant”:

Working hard at hearing Father and learning to be intimate with him. Like your choice of books and comments but, honestly, am beginning to change my views quite a bit. While it is about Him, it is also about us and me. Not in the “bad” way we try to avoid and which all your quotes try to point out but He chose to make us and to communicate with us and be intimate with us – if we will. Just like you wanting a wife; it is all about her. But she would say it is all about you. So both are right and both are wrong; not really about right at all. Is about restoring the Garden and the Communication and the Intimacy. Most of us miss it; think it is about sin and theology and just God.
Sorry, I rant. It is late and I need to get to bed; just wanted to reply now ’cause it will be next week before I have a chance to get on the computer again.
Blessings!!Keep snappy!Unc J

He replied with:

In regards to your “rant”, I do have some questions for the sake of a clear understanding of what you are saying: One would be to know what is it that you mean when you say “theology” second, how would you see that sin plays into things (because it must at some level)? Third, it sounds like your understanding of our relationship with God is like that of a relationship between two equal parties… is that an proper interpretation of what you have said? If not, could you explain better, and if it is right, then could you explain what brought you to that understanding?
I am always up for learning some new stuff… and it sounds like you have some insights that I haven’t had a lot of exposure to. Maybe we can talk about some of this stuff…


I replied with:

Would be great to talk!“theology” is the “knowing” about God, the doctrine, the having to do things “right” that we mistakenly replace for a real acquaintance/relationship with a Loving Father.  Adam “knew” his wife and had kids; he didn’t study her doctrines, thinking, wishes, only.  He got intimate with her.  God wants to be intimate with us – like I told my students – he wants to “have sex” with us.  Paul in Ephesians as much as says so when he talks about marriage being the symbol/example for Christ and the Church.  Little over the top for most ‘Christians’ to handle, I know, but hey – that’s what it says!A couple of ways to think about sin.  One – Christ has completely solved the sin problem. Paul says we are no longer under the rule of sin and death.  Jesus said he came to seek and to save THAT WHICH WAS LOST – the Garden of Eden with all of its perfection.  And then, on the cross he said, “It is Finished!”  He did solve the sin problem.  John says we have no sin.But he also says we have sin.  Philip had a great illustration.  We are not necessarily members of Alcoholics Anonymous but are members of “Sinners Anonymous”.  Hello, my name is Jon; I am a recovering sinner; I have been totally controlled by it but no more; I still have to be careful and remember, but it no longer controls me and I am no longer defined by my sin, but by my Love of and from Father/Jesus/Spirit.Equals?  Yes and no.  (Paradoxes are all over this – kind of like the parables).  Like husband and wife, even though the husband may be the king and the wife may be the cinderella.  In one sense not even close to equal but in another chosen to be loved and married and thus an equal.  Part of the mystery.  Our relationship is not really of two equal parties but of two lovers.  Song of Solomon – king and poor girl.

This whole Christian thing is MUCH more personal, more intimate and more intense and more just about love than we want to believe or think.  We like to keep it in the brain where we can understand and control it.  Jesus, however, came to totally destroy all that control and thus the Pharisees crucified him for it.  If he were to come today our churches and seminaries and bible schools would do the same!

How have I come to this?  My life, my thinking, myheart, my listening to Father, my training, my experience, my reading of Scripture with an attempt to take a fresh look, my asking “why?”, my relationship with Father.

Blessings! Come see us!

Unc J


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