Conversations About Life, XVII

After the last conversation P. came back with:

Dr. Jon of the Heart,

For sure, that is totally cool! 

I do consider myself one of the “unlearned”, but I know for sure that I have been with Jesus. 

By the way, I have been inspired by our dialogues in many ways. 

I bypassed all the trendy books in my time such as “Prayer of Jabez“, “Purpose Driven Life“,  “Wild at Heart” etc….. but I did here recently pick up (by chance- HA!)  Walking with God by John Eldridge

First I looked at the back and read about the author.  I don’t know if you knew or remembered I have two brothers who live in Colorado that are very, outdoorsy (expert skiers, fly fishing, boating etc…) and I was taken in instantly. 

As you can imagine I can’t put the book down!! 




To that I in turn came back with:

I read “Prayer of Jabez” but never got “into” it and totally ignored, and continue to ignore, “Purpose Driven Life”.

Eldredge’s “The Sacred Romance” (with Brent Curtis), however, caught my attention since it was so much like Sonship teaching we were getting at NCF (New City Fellowship) at the time.

From there, however, “Wild at Heart” transformed and saved my life. I was in the lottery and able to attend the first Men’s Boot Camp which was a major breakthrough with Father for me. Since then I have appreciated and benefited from his other works, especially his concepts expressed in “Walking With God”. I grew to really like “Journey of Desire” as well. I think he is a bit stuck in some places now but he is at the top of my “Fan of” list.

In summary, readers, here is a great reading list:

The Sacred Romance
Journey of Desire
, now just called Desire,
Wild at Heart
Walking with God

and for the ladies, in the same theme of finding your heart,


You can’t go wrong with any of these!  They all come with study guides as well.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc
Doctor of the Heart

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