Conversations About Life, XVI

In response to our last conversation P. responded with:

Jon, that last part really hit me!!!

I have been exposed, here lately, to a bunch of Calvinists and it really weirded me out.  They were so strong in their beliefs of predestination that they did not even want to dialogue.

I have ON PURPOSE stayed away from them, trying to figure that one out or where I stand but I totally lean more on free choice for sure!

I did not know there were others out there that thought as I did!!!

I would go for days trying to grasp what they were saying and it totally deflated me and took the wonder and excitement out of knowing the God of the Universe.

I am so glad that we are not required to figure God out and His ways.  He said His  thoughts are not my thoughts.  That is pretty clear!

Also, He desires no one to perish but obviously there is a hell and most will go there.  That to me indicates there is free will involved for sure!!!!

What about Adam and Eve?

But they {the Calvinists} are so driven in their views that it ruined some of my relationships.  Weird.


After thinking about that one, I came back with:

In response to your Calvinist folk, and church in general:

We can and need to “love” people regardless but not have to put up with their “stuff” regardless what that may look like.

It takes wisdom and listening to Father about whom to relate to and how.

Yeshua certainly didn’t go out of his way to hang with those who were opposed to him even though they were the “church” of the day.

He spoke to them and from a place of power, maturity, grace and true love challenged – even mocked – them, but was never coerced into playing their games in the name of “unity”.


We often think “agree” means “unity” but that is not so.  Love and respect and appreciation for each other allows for lots of disagreement, letting each other be who we are.  Diversity of thought and culture allows for growth unattainable when we all think the same thoughts.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc


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