Conversations About Life, XIV

After recovering from our last conversation P. sent this note:


I love what you wrote.  It is good to process these things!

I hope you find this article inspiring like I did!  {P. sent me an article from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries entitled “Blessing the Discontent“.}


I still think you are a GREAT Dr. Jon of the heart!

And I think you are and always will be a Dr. in my eyes.  You were just way ahead of your time!

Love, P

To which I replied:

You are good for me! Love your encouragement.

Re doctor, I am still the best doctor I know, only I am the doctor of the Heart – I am realizing that now.

I long, crave, only want to get into people’s deepest core and help them discover what really makes them tick and what really is keeping them from being who they are supposed to be.

It seems that most don’t want to get that intense, that exposed, that naked with themselves and with me; that real.

We prefer to live in a fantasy world of our own making, a belief that everything is really fine but just needs a little work on the outside to fix the anxiety, the cancer, the diabetes, the whatever.


Re the piece you forwarded, thanks for that. I appreciate it.

However, my discontent will only be satisfied when Father and I are so connected that like Yeshua I will know Him so intimately that

– that is all there is to life,

– that my soul is only and completely occupied with His Life and Love,

– that my only source/reason for breath and breathing is to feel and experience His constant presence and Life and LOVE.

By The Way, I don’t think Father strips us raw and naked; He only loves us.

However, he is more than anxious for us to be willing to get naked before Him and be that real and honest that I mentioned earlier.

It is at that level of intimacy for which He is waiting for us to be.

It is at that level of intimacy with each other for which he is waiting for us be as well.

Bless you!



And you, are you ready to be that close to Father, be that intimate with Him, yourself, and others? 

Imagine what life would be like if we were!


Dr Jon

Renegade Doc

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