Conversations About Life, XII

You’ve come back after the wild ride of our previous conversation so maybe you are also ready for the wild ride yourself!

After the last exchange I decided to be brave and post these conversations into the blog – what you are reading now.  We had gotten into such real, raw, fundamental concepts about life the comments needed to be shared.  However, before I did that it seemed better to have P’s permission since a lot of what would be shared was her personal story as well.

She responded with an email which she titled “naked truth”:


Thanks for the write up!

It is a challenge to live this life, in this culture.

Anything to make a point that we NOT become attached to the things of this world.  We have nothing when we come into this world so likewise as we exit.

I am pondering the point of not being defined or measured by the standards of our culture but letting the Lord of Lord and King of Kings to define me.

This might mean experiencing failure, heart ache and just plain wondering what is life all about.

I LOVE to regress to a child’s level and be captivated by the wonder and excitement of this world and life we have been given.  That is where the hidden wisdom lies.  It does not take much to enter into His Kingdom.



And my reply:


Thanks for that. Post it as a comment on the blog if you will.

Come on up and get naked with us! We’ll be like kids  playing in the sandbox, learning some real wisdom.

Same for the rest of you.  Have wisdom?  Please share it.


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc


2 Responses to “Conversations About Life, XII”

  1. Getting naked with oneself is not such a difficult thing, but opening yourself to others can be a frightful and enlightening experience.

  2. You are right, Mark, that it can be and is a frightful experience but especially also enlightening! Consequently it often becomes a difficult thing even to get that open with oneself since many really emphasize the frightfulness and have not ever considered the enlightening part. However, once truly “naked” with oneself the next step to be open with others can actually become the easier step.

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