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A close friend reconnected recently and we began a conversation about life and issues such as dreams and communicating with Father and Sovereignity and Free Will.

Thought you might like to be in on some of it.  It shares my heart and gets pretty naked at times.

Let me know if it touches you.

It all began with a dream that my friend “P” had about a friend of hers who was involved in a health crisis with a young son.

She wrote:

Dear Jon,

I have been “testing the spirit” about my dream.  It is still strong in my mind and every time I hear a story about Mary and the grief she was to bear for her Son’s suffering I think of [my friend’s] dream…….
her face was so pure and unblemished, almost angelic.
Then when I had the interpretation that she was likened to Mary and favored by God……….and that her heart would be pierced………..
I still ponder if it is theologically correct.

I KNOW God is in control of every detail of our lives but does He allow purposeful suffering to accomplish His will in our lives (son with severe brain damage)?!

What are your thoughts along these lines……. Love, P

My response:


Thanks for asking my opinion.

I don’t know that what you are sensing is theologically wrong; not sure it is a question of right or wrong.

Rather, it may be a question of what grander message Father is relaying to you, some piece of His heart He is opening up and sharing with you.

Approach it from that angle and see what He tells you.

I’ll also listen and ask and see what He says.



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