Change Our Perspective, Change Our Lives

Have you ever wished that Father (God, Creator, Source, the One – whatever you call Him) would come to you in a very personal, very real way and say or do something that would make your life take on new and specific meaning?  Or answer all your questions?  Or just make you feel special and really alive?

I do – often.  If not all the time.

By the way, I prefer to call Him “Father” or “Daddy” (Abba in Hebrew) just because it is way more personal and intimate.

As these thoughts were rolling around in my mind recently a new realization showed up.

Maybe it is different for you, but every time I start thinking this way it is always about how this kind of connection or visitation could do something for ME.

What if we turned that around and started to wonder or realize that every time Father makes the personal connection it is really about HIM, about how He can advance His purposes on the planet, about He can make His care and love for us more obvious.

I grew up hearing and reading the Bible stories about Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, Gideon, David, the prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah, John the Baptizer, Peter, Paul, and, of course, Yeshua. Each of these, and many others, had one or more personal, intimate experiences with Father. In each of their lives these encounters had a significant impact for them personally, changed the course of their lives, made them feel in some way special.

With each of these stories I was taught, or at least learned, that these encounters were about changing the men, bringing them something they needed.

Now, however, I submit that each of these encounters were even more intended to bring something Father needed to manifest Himself to everyone else. Each of these encounters, while revealing Father as a personal Creator, more importantly advanced Father’s plan and purpose for showing the rest of the planet what He was all about.

We want to think divine encounters are about and for the men. I suggest they are really about Father, His heart, His love, and His message.

Here’s a practical example from my own life if you will bear with me for a bit:

In 1972 I was serving in the US Navy, looking forward to getting out and using the GI Benefits being earned to go to graduate school and study Quantum Chemistry.  This was my passion, to do research and teach while exploring the grand mysteries of the universe and life as we know it.

One weekend, however, while on leave with my Dad, a motor vehicle accident put me in the hospital.  Surgery was required to take my spleen to save my life. I awoke from that experience with the VERY REAL sensation of Father/Yeshua actually HOLDING my right hand.  It was as real as my breathing, or pain!

As I have thought about this experience, this visitation, I have always had good thoughts, been thankful for the support it brought, the sense of care and concern, and the knowing that everything would be OK with me.

These are wonderful thoughts and feelings; thank God we can have them.

However, that “accident” COMPLETELY changed the course of my life.  Instead of becoming a theoretical professor, my lengthy stay in the Naval Hospital opened my eyes to medicine and I eventually became a physician.  From there I took a less traveled path and became the “Renegade Doc”, exploring the more helpful benefits of “alternative” and “natural” modalities and especially touch and the deeper and more powerful “mind-body connection”.

With all that said, here’s my point:

I have always thought the hand holding was to encourage me (a nice side effect).

Now I realize Father came and took my hand as an invitation to follow HIM into a new path that would advance the knowledge of Him on the planet, would offer people a look into His heart through the skills, ideas and person He was inviting me to become.

He was not just trying to comfort me. He was opening the way for a deeper revelation of Himself to all of us.

Can you see the difference in this change of perspective?

Can you see what a grand and glorious thing it is to be part of His dream and purpose in specific ways?

Can you see what a difference it would make in our lives to think this way about Him – and about ourselves?

Instead of being so egocentric, of being so upset and disappointed when things don’t go as we think or planned, we could begin to see ourselves as an active participant in Father’s Master Plan.

With that perspective nothing could really discourage, depress or defeat us. What a great place in which to be and live!


Dr Jon
Renegade Doc

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