Big Picture helps Keep It Simple

I have been stirred up in the last few days.
It all began with the political drama unfolding and realizing that no one is talking about the BIG issue – killing babies.

Yeah, you heard me right. KILLING babies.

As a doctor whose goal and passion is to help people get well and as a father who has lost two babies by miscarriage and as a God-Lover-Loved, I hold Life sacrosanct; all life, especially the life of the unborn.

So I decided to add my voice to the cacophony, to try to sound a clear ring for protecting Life and caring for others.

I started a group on Facebook to try to bring out the importance of putting Love and Life first, over everything else, especially money.  Of course, it also brings out the difference between the political stands of our current candidates for higher office and folk think it is all just about my choice for elected office.  Nonetheless, the big picture here is way more than just American politics in 2008 and way more than legislation and state vs. federal rights.  This issue about concern and care for Life goes to character and is a benchmark, even, for character – my character, your character, the character of potential leaders.  Want to know something about a person, about how he will really care for you? – ask his/her belief about protecting and nurturing Life.

Now I know we put lots of ifs and buts and what ifs around the issue:  What about rape?  What about incest?  What about women’s rights?  What about….?  We try to make things complicated and think we are intellectual enough to figure it out.  These are all excuses we use to take control, to avoid believing that God can change us.  Granted they are serious issues and can be real sticky.  We would prefer to take a quick fix approach, put on a bandaid and thus avoid the deep issues.  We prefer to believe that we can fix a problem by killing it.

Write this down: Killing a problem never solves it.

However, if we take the big picture stand that Life is most important, it frees us to find creative solutions to all the other “sticky” ones.  It gives us opportunity to find ways to relate to those involved and help them find healing even as it stretches us and helps us find our own healing as well.  It gives us the opportunity to listen to Loving Father and hear how much He loves us and allows Him to go deeply within us and change us.

So I, in my zeal for the unborn and in caring about people I know who get it “wrong”, am all worked up.

And here comes the irony.

God, who Loves us and me and them more than I can ever, who would love for us and me and them  to get it right, LETS US DO OUR OWN THING!  He didn’t stop Adam and Eve from walking away on Day 1.  He knew it would cause untold misery and suffering and murder and rape and death, even the death of Himself! But it was OK because He knew He could and would come alongside and do the deep, healing work required to fix the problem.

So, again, having made my squak and “eased my conscience”, I take my hands off and let my friends go where they need to go and think what they need to think, even if it is wrong :-).  I will love them anyway and believe that Father will draw and heal and Love them, too.  Together we will learn to Love and Live and Grow.

That big picture keeps it all pretty simple.


Dr Jon

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