Being Centered

Does your life ever feel like it is spinning out of control?
Are there too many things going on, too many tasks to do, too many decisions to make?  Do you feel stuck?

Mine feels like that a lot of the time and especially these last few days.

There are lots of issues:

  • My day job is not my dream or purpose in life.  I’m using it to try to get out of debt.
  • That debt came about as an attempt to operate the family business with the intention of bettering life for all of us. Instead it has me by the throat and is a huge burden.
  • My father-in-law is in a nursing home, separate from his wife of 68 years and, in spite of family choices to the contrary, he really needs to come here to live and to be cared for.  But how would we keep the jobs and do that too?
  • My boys are growing up.  One is a senior in college and is finally making the bigger break and won’t be home except for short visits in the future.  The other is older and now moving away to pursue life in a totally different direction (a good thing).
  • The older son is selling his mowing business as part of his moving on.  I could buy it, both to help him out and to help me out in terms of getting outdoors and being more active (the day job as a desk jockey is killing me).  But I can’t do both jobs and the mowing is seasonal.
  • My deep heart, my purpose in life, is to open a nude healing center where you can come and have a “Garden of Eden” experience (without the serpent) that will bring life and freedom and true, deep healing into your life.

The question in all this overwhelms: how can this all happen?  How do I make enough money?  How do I get past the social issues and misunderstanding and sexual aberrations surrounding nudity?  Will healing really occur?  Can it occur?  How do I decide about the lawn mowing versus the job?

So this morning I did the only thing there is, really, to do.

I went deep inside.

I got centered.

Some might call it meditation.  I am calling it getting centered, listening to Father. Gerald O’Donnell calls it going deep within, becoming one with your breath, becoming the light, connecting to the One Mind, the One.

In the analogy of “spinning out of control”, it is moving off the edge of the spinning record and going back to the center where there is no movement at all, just stillness.

It is another example of “keep it simple, keep it childlike, keep it naked.”

In this place answers will come, Father can speak, the light within can shine, the path can be seen.

“Be still and know….”

Let’s be still, be centered, and let ourselves get in the flow of Life.


Dr Jon

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