An Epiphany

Excuse the preponderance of “I”s in this post, but it is my experience being shared.  I trust you will find some hope, help and motivation tucked somewhere into it, however, to make some part of it your own!


I don’t know about most people, but one of the things that has occupied a lot of  my lifetime is wondering/thinking about “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?”

There is this suspicion that this question occupies a lot of time and attention in others as well, for it rather occupies the literature in the Self-Help or Personal Development genre and in the Religious genre.

If you have followed this blog or any of my other offerings (Your Growth Matters, for example) this has been a recurrent theme.  The references are frequent to the idea of  “returning to the Garden”  and “living naked and unashamed” (both, obviously, blatant references to the Biblical story of Paradise).

I realized this morning, more than ever, however, that this concept is not just theory and not just about “naked” or open and vulnerable.

As I looked back, I realized that my entire life has pointed to this concept, even from early on.  It began, as does most things, with physical expression and experience, the means of bringing ideas into our consciousness.  That is what experience does for us.  (Before we grow to the point of understanding that we orchestrate our physical existence by our thoughts and desires, we exist primarily at a physical consciousness, unaware that some greater and grander Desire is directing, pointing, leading us.)

There was the skinnydipping experience with my brothers and a friend as a child which made this huge impact.  Decades later there was an interest from somewhere prompting request of literature from the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) – but then, what to do with or about it??

A decade or more later was the challenge from someone close to me to consider nudity as a lifestyle.

Only a few years after that (note how the cycle accelerates) and not so long ago was the first social nudity experience at the amazing Living Waters Spa.  A transformational, rebirthing experience!

From that point, the whole idea of “living naked and unashamed” has grown, developed, and flourished – but way beyond the idea of just lifestyle or recreation.  Rather, it has become a look into the Heart of Father, a call to return to Health, a path to find Healing, a place of Intimacy with the Creator, that for which the Soul longs and for which it is made.

It has grown way beyond physical nakedness.  It includes openness and vulnerability to ones self, to others, to community, to Father.  It demands total rethinking and “nonthinking” but rather following the deep heart as it connects to Father.  It is the place of which Yeshua spoke often when he pointed to Nature (birds, flowers, grass, wheat) and spoke of losing all to gain everything, of caring not for the physical but knowing surely that Father would care for all of that.

Of all this I have spoken or written much.  However, this morning I realized that in all my speaking it has been of taking off.  This makes sense, since to become naked in this world one must usually remove some article of clothing.  To be emotionally open, one must take down or remove the barriers, the walls, the defense mechanisms quickly erected and frequently reinforced.  My memory of my first experience in a socially nude environment is more about getting over the fear and embarrassment  of disrobing about feeling condemned by others in my life who would think me wicked.

But this was the epiphany today:

Living naked and unashamed, while having to break through the barrier of fear initially, is not about getting past fear and shame and embarrassment and condemnation.  It is not about becoming open and vulnerable so that you and others can see your true self.

Rather, it is about becoming true in order to RECEIVE, to be able to FEEL.

This is really the message Yeshua was trying to get across; this is the message we say daily just by watching the birds.

They live “nakedly” in every way.  They have only their physical “hair”, they have no means of supporting themselves, they have no education and they have no government to provide welfare assistance.  They merely go about doing what is in their heart and life to do as they stay connected to their Creator.

Imagine one of them sitting on a branch one day and deciding it was time to go it on his own.  He would have to instantly figure out how to grow corn or how to navigate to the nearest seed-producing plant or tree.  He  would have to take lessons on nest-building, beginning with materials science and going on to construction techniques.  He would have to learn how to choose a mate then take seminars on how to maintain satisfactory relationships and finally he would theologize it all, codify it, and start a church to keep it all in order and approved.

Bottom line – he would die!  Exactly what Father told us would happen to us the minute we decided to take that step of doing it on our own!

So here’s the deal: “living naked and unashamed” is about receiving from Father what He so eagerly is offering and waiting for us to RECEIVE.  It is about being just ME/US with no need to do anything on our own, no need to figure anything out, no need to spiritualize or organize anything.

Just connect.  Just be open.  Just receive.  Just go fly to the seed when you are shown where it is (don’t just stay sitting on the branch – that will cause death, too).  Just pick up the grass or twig and put it together with the previous one when it is in your heart, from Father, to do so and soon the nest will be there.  Just reach out and help the neighbor, whoever it is and whatever they need, when the message comes to your heart to do so.  Lose the barriers, lose the fear, lose the “clothes” and, yes, the clothes when the message comes to your heart to do so.

Imagine a world where the economy is one of credits for having helped each other, for having shared from our heart words of encouragement, instead of credits for how many goods we can accumulate!

Paradise awaits, if we but RECEIVE it!


Dr Jon

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