New Adventures

My friend Chuck, who has been helping get the word out about the amazing tool for fighting infections, BioDefense, called me yesterday.

“Jon,” he said, “you have to talk to my new friend who can help you immensely with getting the word out about BioDefense. He is a master of search engine optimization.”

“OK,” I replied. “Give me his phone number.” Meanwhile I’m thinking, “This man won’t want to talk to me! How will I get the courage to call him?”

But I did. Took that Personal Growth step we talk about, got out of my comfort zone.

And I made a new friend. Not only did he talk to me, he taught me more in 10 minutes on the phone than I have learned in 5 years by myself, reading, piddling around on the Internet. I now have some new tools that will make it possible to be HUGELY more effective in helping all of you.

It also set me on a new adventure:

Installing Word Press.

THE tool to use to do your own blogs. There are a couple of things you have to do to make it work that aren’t spelled out clearly enough for “technodummies” like me. But now I know. Now I’ve learned something. Now I’m even more confident of myself and my abilities.

So, three things:

Step out and make the new friend. Even the expert. They love to help.
Learn something new. Build your esteem and your value.
Start blogging. Use Word Press. I’ll help you get it going!


Dr Jon

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