Naked and Unashamed

There is a growing awareness in “Christendom” these days about the difference between

Heart and Head, Wild and Civilized, Desire and Duty.

For me personally, it all started with John Eldredge and Wild at Heart. Finally, someone that could articulate my deep and long-held desire to get real with myself and God and get past all the form and ritual inherent in the religion we call Christianity!

Just tonight I finished another author, Erwin McManus and his The Barbarian Way, who used different words but captured the same concept that God is Untamed and Outside the Box and unencumbered with ritual and decorum.

Actually the theme has been around a while – like since the Garden of Eden, and before, when God first thought of creating. Scripture says Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world – that’s pretty outside most of our boxes! And we are to be the kids of the Almighty, actually have his life within us – that’s pretty wild, too. More recently, but even predating the authors mentioned above, CS Lewis captured the theme when he described Aslan as Unsafe, but Good, in his Narnian Chronicles.

So what is this all about?

I believe that God invites as many of us as will, to get wild with Him, let loose with him and get really open and vulnerable with Him, to share His Heart and His Desire and His Wildness. I think this is a throwing off of everything that binds us, at all levels:

Our fear
Our shame
Our sin
Our need to control
Our need to be responsible
Our emotional hangups, sadness, grief, depression, feeling sorry for ourselves
Our accomplishments
Our need to be sick
Our need to be well
Our …………….(your own special need)
Even our clothes

I believe that Father invites us back to the Garden in terms of the picture drawn for us there:

People communicating with Loving Father, with themselves and with each other in complete openness, complete vulnerability and complete shamelessness. Naked and unashamed.

It is interesting that these “Freedom Authors,” as I will call them, each have their little vignette about nakedness and the freeing, releasing effect it has on one’s heart, soul and life.  Eldredge alludes to his Naked Man Creek where his colleagues can shed their final restraints and get totally real.  McManus has his Men’s Retreat story where naked tug-of-war brought men into a sense of their primal, warrior, powerful selves.

Granted not all are eager, willing or have the interest to be so open and vulnerable and that’s OK.  Many others will get hung up with the body/naked = sex and body/naked = sin myths that have conquered “Christendom” for centuries.  Those are themes for another time.  Suffice it to say that we need a fuller, deeper, more practical understanding and experience of what Christ did on the Cross for us and for our relationship with ourselves and Father.

In the meantime, for those Wild, Barbarian, Freedom Fighters among us who march to the beat of The Wild, Open, Naked and Unashamed God, let’s shed everything that holds us back and go after His Heart – and thus find Our Own.


Dr Jon

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21 Responses to “Naked and Unashamed”

  1. Great post… I’ll have to send you the URL for a fellow blogger who is similar to you. Also have heard some excellent sermons on this subject included naked. David through off all inhibitions in praising God.

  2. Lindsay,


    You get it! Bless you!

    I would love to have the link to a fellow blogger though I feel sorry for him if he is similar to me!! 🙂

    I have hesitated talking about this subject though it is near and dear to my heart and huge in my own healing journey/experience thinking that the “Christian” world would not take kindly to it.

    You have proven what my friends have tried to tell me – put yourself out there (get naked! 🙂 )and let those who appreciate it do so and don’t worry about the rest.

    Again, Bless you!!

    Dr Jon

  3. Getting it, Jon. We are all works in process. Keep posting on this stuff. Do you know you can import your blog posts into facebook notes. Neat cause readers can read and tag others.

  4. Lindsay,

    I will look into trying to figure out how to do the importing.
    Meanwhile I go to another neat networking site called Twitter ( and put a minipost that can be set up to also post on facebook at the same time. That’s pretty neat.

  5. […] “The Barbarian Way” I posted about earlier, but now it is added to my personal library and I will be able to mark it up and really get into it […]

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  7. Feel free to copy away. Be sure to put my links in, please.


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  12. Shoot me an email – – and let’s get the blogroll link swap done.

    Dr Jon

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  18. Do you might have any references for what you wrote right here? THX

  19. Helpful story, saved your blog with hopes to read more!

  20. Educational and entertaining. I’ve extra your net log to my “reading materials.” Progress me up to date!

  21. Thanks for asking.
    The references are in the post: Eldredge, McManus plus my own thoughts.

    Like your “Smile Therapy” idea!

    Dr Jon

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