It is All About Love

For many years scientists have been looking for the unifying “thing” or force that ties everything else up into one neat package.  When you study physics the same basic principles apply across the board but the energies all have different properties.  Gravity works on large bodies across space but doesn’t seem to work at the atomic and subatomic level; or it works so weakly that its effects are not measurable.  Electromagnetic energy behaves by similar equations but provides different effects.  Now I do not profess to have any significant understanding of all this (would have, perhaps, had I stayed on the original path but along the way got sidetracked [mainstreamed] into medicine), but having taught Physics to home-schoolers have learned that the Unified Theory has four basic energies:

  • Gravity
  • Electromagnetic Energy
  • Weak nuclear forces
  • Strong nuclear forces

These are arranged in general order from larger, Newtonian, more “understandable” to smaller, Quantam Physical, esoteric and hardly discernible or measurable though no less important and certainly necessary for existence.

The point of all this is not a treatise on the Unified Theory but to use that concept as an analogy for my own “Unified Theory” of Life.

To my thinking there are four basic “forces” that help explain our life on the planet, and beyond.

First, there is the concept that it is all about  MATH.  My boys read a book in school about a Mr. Bowditch who could navigate by the stars  and do lots of other things in his life because he realized things worked because of the basic principle that

It is all about MATH.

Many aspects of life can be so explained, including even music, for example.  Though we ascribe lots of emotion and “artsiness” to it, one can distill music down to mathematical runs and relationships.  A brilliant marketer, Steven Pierce, has discovered that the stock market operates on an underlying mathematical principle based on the Fibonacci sequence.  Shapes in nature can be described by this same mathematical sequence and architectural designs have been based on this.  One could spend a lifetime exploring and discovering the applications and uses of this in nature.

Second, it goes on from there when you realize that underlying the way things are shaped is the way they interact, so my next maxim is

It is all about Physics.

With Physics, both Newtonian and Quantum, you can take the mathematical relationships inherent in all things and begin to understand how they relate to each other, how they move and effect each other.  Again, many lifetimes have been and will continue to be spent exploring the wonder and amazement built into this aspect of life and living things.

Third, however, is a deeper, stronger level for without this next layer Physics has no meaning and no motion.  The next underlying principle is that

It is all about ENERGY.

Energy is what makes the shapes move and interact so Physics can come into play.  Energy is what powers the molecules  that move and combine in reactions that cause shapes and bodies to grow or deteriorate, substances to combine or come apart.  Energy is what causes life to continue.  But energy is above and beyond both math and physics.  It is harder to quantify and harder to understand.  It doesn’t obviously follow Newtonian or “scientific” principles (though it really does, but some of its scientific principles we have yet to understand so we think it doesn’t).  Energy is what makes Homeopathy work and some of the modalities uses in bodywork such as Reiki, CranioSacral, Pranic Healing and a host of others.  Energy can also be labeled at times “intuition” or “words of knowledge” or “spirit” depending on who is speaking and what vocabulary they are using.  Energy takes the form of  light or electromagnetic waves across awide spectrum to provide many different effects at many different levels.  We often in the Western world ignore, disdain and ridicule effects of energy when it is packaged in ways we do not easily understand.

Finally, there is a fourth underlying force that is above and beyond and greater than all the others, that is even more difficult to quantify or measure, yet is most basic to all of life and existence as we know it.  The fourth principle can be stated as:

It is all about LOVE.

Without Love, there would be no universe at all.  Without Love there would be no personal existence for any of us.  Without Love there would be no relationship.  Without Love there would be no Energy or Physics or Math.  Love is in all and surrounds all.  God is Love and in Love created the universe and planets and persons.  Jesus is Love expressed in a physical form and  by His  Love all things exist and are held together.  Love brings Healing and Peace and Blessing and Light and Purpose.  It is no wonder that Jesus, when asked to sum up life into its simplest aspect stated that first you are to Love God with all of your energy (heart), physics (soul) and body (math) then you are to love yourself and your neighbor equally as well.

It really is all about LOVE!

In summary then, here is my Unified Theory of Life:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Energy
  • Love


Dr Jon

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  4. Thanks for pointing out a potential problem. Please give me some specifics and I’ll have my techno buddies at help me figure it out.

    Dr Jon

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  7. this is a laugh for you from me 🙂

    God made us brothers, but Prozac made us friends. 🙂

  8. For now, but when the Prozac really kicks in I’ll be ducking from the rage.

    Great laugh, but let’s find better ways to help the brain be and stay friends with ourselves and each other?!


    Dr Jon

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