Body-Spirit Connection

Recently a follower on Twitter made the comment that we do not have a soul, we are a soul; we have a body.  This is a true statement.  We are primarily spirit, spending some time in body for the experience which it can add to our spirit.  But we are also body and have to deal with body.  In general terms, the Eastern world tends to emphasize spirit; the Western world tends to emphasize body; both often de-emphasize, minimize or even vilify the aspect not emphasized.

Here’s an approach, a thought, that has been helpful for me in  understanding how both body and spirit are necessary, important and work together.

Begin with this: yes, we are primarily spirit but the body is not just something to contain spirit, the body is a reflection of what is already in spirit.  Body shows us in the physical world what is actually real in the spiritual world.  Body is the lowest energy level, the lowest vibrational state of spirit which is a very high energy level.

Think of  body as the slow motion rendition, the instant replay, if you will, of spirit.

As such, by looking at body you can see what is right/wrong/going on in spirit; you can see clearly what spirit is, what spirit needs to work on.  Don’t perceive body to be an end in itself which needs to be “fixed” when a dis-ease shows up.  Rather, the dis-ease shows up to let you know there is already a problem in spirit which is asking to be addressed and changed.

This makes body, the physical, an amazing tool; we can use it to direct us how to bring to spirit what it needs to grow and develop.  We can also use it to increase its vibrations to live at higher levels of awareness.

Let’s look at the “educational” aspect of body.  Any dis-ease is a point of vibration that is less than harmonious  with the remainder of spirit.  Each body part is indicative of some aspect of spirit.  People like Louise Hay have helped us know what each part signinfies.

For example,  the heart is significant for joy and the flow of life.  A person with heart disease needs to let his body tell him that the real issue is not which drug or treatment to take to fix his heart, but how and where can he find and experience and live in joy.  My Dad lost his wife at 42; 37 years later he “died” of a broken heart – a ruptured aortic aneurysm.  (He actually came back – read the story in Loving Father.)

Shoulders are where we carry the weight of life and its responsibilities.  Hands are what we use to grab onto things.  Low backs hold our support, our core – finances, sexuality.  Learn more about these ideas in Louise Hay’s books “You Can Heal Your Life” or “Heal Your Body“.

Let’s also look at how we can increase the vibrations and bring body toward the reality of spirit.  We’ve said earlier that “It is all about Love.”  Love is the highest vibration – God is Love.  Loving God, self and people will increase our vibrational level.  Interesting isn’t it, that Jesus pointed out that the First and Second Great Commandments were to do exactly that.  Other ways to also raise our vibrational level are being our true selves, living from our true, good heart as John Eldredge encourages us.  Meditation, Worship, Music, Inspirational words/stories, Massage,  Laughter, Sex all will raise our vibrational level.  Using, feeling the five senses of our body, with emotion, (naked and unashamed?!) will increase its vibrational level.

What might that all look like?  The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Galatians pointed out that living in Spirit would be freedom and would look like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness, and self-control.  Jesus himself pointed out that Spirit was like the wind, uncontrolled but leaving tracks.

So here it is.  The body is an awesome tool when we can look past its symptoms and see it as a roadmap to what spirit needs for correction, for growth and development.  At the same time we can use it to begin to harmonize with spirit, the true “me”.

Love & Blessings,

Dr Jon

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