Do We Love – Really?

Just finished a book that I have chewed on for a while.

Mentioned it a couple of weeks ago on my radio talk show (The Renegade Heart on [#71786] or hear it along with the notes and links on my health blog).

The book is “The Misunderstood God” by Darin Hufford, subtitled “The lies religion tells about God”.

He takes the Love chapter, I Corinthians 13, and goes through each of the attributes/expressions/attitudes contained in real and true Love.  He points out that there is a huge discrepancy between what we teach about Father God and what most of us actually believe about Father God.

As a poor analogy, it’s like we sing the praises of a particular chair, how good and comfortable and sturdy it is, but never actually go and sit in it.  Message: don’t sit in the chair!

Words don’t match actions, but it is the actions that show what we truly believe.

The best part of the book is the last chapter when Mr. Hufford sums it all up and points out that no amount of teaching, learning, preaching, wishing, dreaming, pulpit-banging or knowledge in any form about Father will show someone who Father is or what Love looks like.

But just BEING Father, just BEING Yeshua to someone who needs Love will transcend words and go to true and real and healing Love.

Read the book, ponder it, chew on it, be hard on yourself and ask the tough question – learning about Father or being Father?

Then come back and tell us what you think, what you have learned, how your life has changed, how you have learned to truly, really, practically, openly, unashamedly Love people.


Dr Jon

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