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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My donation and challenge for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Welcome New Readers

A welcome to readers and a review of resources available from Dr Jon, the Renegade Doc.

Dreams and Birthday

The Birthday Kayak is the beginning of a dream fulfilled.

The Answer

Healing is not getting rid of anything but RECEIVING what we need to get back to 100%.

Kung Fu is More

Kung Fu instruction and Scholarship Program

Renegade Interview #1 – Chuck Bartok

Renegade Interview with Friend and Mentor, Chuck Bartok, a Renegade Farmer and Marketer.

A Christmas Meditation

Just thought I would take a minute and wish you all an amazing time of remembrance and understanding of what it means to have God with us both here on the planet and in our hearts and lives. We were at a Christmas performance this evening and heard a very nice rendition of “Mary, Did You […]

Birthday Accolades

Yesterday, 11/29, was my birthday.  My 58th – not ashamed or embarrassed to say.  Planning to make it to at least 120 so I’m not quite halfway! Received several Birthday greetings from Friends on Facebook, one of whom asked if I had spoiled myself. Responded, “No, not yet learned to do that!” So why am I bothering to write a blog posting about […]

Choosing LIFE

We listened this morning to a talk given by Kris Vallotton, of Bethel Church in Redding, CA soon after our recent presidential election.  This man is a pastor/prophet and has some fascinating things to say by which I was profoundly encouraged and with which I was in hearty agreement because throughout it all he was […]

For Dog Lovers – and People

I’m in the middle of a book that is very touching. It’s about dogs, and loving dogs, and about feeling. It is wonderful to care about dogs.  It is even more wonderful to feel, especially in those deep places where we form our thoughts and ideas about ourselves and the world and people and things around us. It is also a book about dogs caring for us and what they […]