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Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a good thing but let’s make people aware of the cures already available but suppressed instead of being wasteful with what is raised.

Three Things for Healing

Three things that will bring us to healing.

Change Your Genetics – Eat!

Food alters genetics.

Autism – A New, Wholistic Approach

A Wholistic Approach to the Causes and Treatment of Autism

Swine Flu Need Not Be a Problem

Prevention and Treatment for the swine flu.

MRSA in the News!

Our local Fox News Station did a feature on this evening’s news just a couple of hours ago about community-acquired MRSA.  They featured an 8-year old who almost died as a result.  Then they went on to talk to an Afro-American Doctor who has a clinic in the city.  This all was the result of […]

Trace, your answer may be in what you could not find!

The recent final episode of Celebrity Apprentice was fascinating!  Actually, there was significant irony. First, it pointed out the irony of the difference between a money/results based business philosophy and a person/relationship based business philosophy. Second, it contrasted Trace’s desire to find help for his severely allergic daughter with his inability to find “wheat grass […]

Reforming Health Care

Watching Mike Huckabee giving a speech in Alabama this evening, I was struck by his comments about Health Care. First, he pointed out that our medical system is not “Health Care” but “Disease Care.” To that I would heartily agree! I would also agree that it needs to be changed! Even better was the point […]

MRSA Impacting Janitorial Services

Went by my friendly janitorial supplies distributor office yesterday and noted a trade journal lying on his waiting room desk. It is called Maintenance Supplies. What caught my eye was the cover article: Cleaning in the Time of MRSA Wow! As you know, I have commented several times on MRSA both on my own blog […]

Health and Wellness FUN!

My good friend and Marketing Mentor, Chuck from California, has been teaching me (and you, when you join the Beginners Marketing Class – for FREE) how to market. My product, as you know, is “Health and Wellness” which includes an awesome Health Assessment Tool, an all natural antiinfective , vitamins and, of course, for those […]