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People and Marketing are Strange Animals!

Letting subscribers on a different wavelength go but do a better job of communicating.

Wal-mart’s CEO Needs to Call Me

Upsell to make more cash.

Marketing – for REAL

Heart wins over glitz in entertainment and hopefully in marketing.

Cut the BS of Marketing!

We buy what we WANT, not what people try to SELL us in spite of all the BS of marketing out there.

Another – Too Good To Be True

Marketing tool and help too good to be true, for any type of online or offline business

Ticked Off with Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, scam or friend.

6 Steps

Six Steps that bring Desire into Reality

The Wizard of Twitter

It was a stormy night in [Kansas] and Dorothy was late getting home to the safety of her underground bunker. Instead she got a bonk on the head and next thing she knew… “Todo, I don’t think we are in [Kansas] anymore!” But where was she? Everything was short. Sentences were spoken in 140 character […]

Why the Marketer Hates Marketing

This just-past election made things very clear to me.  Not only did it bring into focus the most crucial issue (see my group on Facebook about Life trumps Wealth), it clarified my personal conflicts about marketing. We have elected a person to lead us who has no known skills except to know how how to market, or at least to be aware of the power of marketing and to know […]

Make Money Online Project

After many attempts at various ways to generate extra cash (does that sound familiar to anyone??) I have decided to try a program that looks like it would work. But – this time there are a couple of differences from the previous astoundingly failures: 1) I have decided to stick to it and give it a real shot, not hop around and skip to something else before it has a chance to get going (aboaut time I grew up, right?) 2) To help me stay on course and to help you find out if one of these programs can actually work, I […]