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Being Naked

If you have followed me at all on this blog, designed and intended to be thought-provoking and controversial, or on my health blog at, you know that I believe there are many advantages and much healing to be gained when nude/naked.  This transcends the sexual aspects, opening oneself up not only to others but […]

An Epiphany

“Naked and unashamed” is not just about removing coverings and fear. Rather it is about being open to receive.

Conversations About Life, XVIII

Dr Jon gets personal about medicine, motive, money and message.

Change Our Perspective, Change Our Lives

Taking ourselves out of our center of focus and seeing Father connecting to us for the advancement of His purpose will totally change how we think about life.

Conversations About Life, XVII

Books meaningful to us, especially those by John Eldredge.

Conversations About Life, XVI

Dealing with differences of opinion.

Conversations About Life, XV

Comments about church and Life.

Conversations About Life, XIV

Doctor of the Heart.

Conversations About Life, XIII

The Choice, the Freedom, the Relationship with Father restored.

Conversations About Life, XII

Be defined by the King of Kings, not by our culture.

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