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The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau. Good stuff.


Secretariat’s owner was a winner because of her belief. See the movie. Believe in yourself as well.

Do We Love – Really?

Challenge yourself to truly Love after reading Darin Hufford’s “The Misunderstood God.”

Napoleon Hill Applauds at the Movies

It’s been a month since there’s been a posting here. Changed my host and it took a while to get all the files put back in order. ┬áBut with some persistence and some learning here we are again, ready to go. Talking about persistence, my wife and I went to see the film Julie & […]

An Officer and a Gentleman

Life issues depicted in the film, “An Officer and a Gentleman”

Deepak Was in Town!

An evening with Deepak Chopra.

City Slickers

Review of the movie, City Slickers, and the message of failed masculinity and its effect on one’s adulthood.

Transforming Grace

At our home we do a “movie night” monthly. First or second Saturday night, usually, depending on schedules. We learned from John Eldredge that kings of culture receive messages from God; prophets are required to interpret them. The kings of our culture are movie producers and directors. So we watch a movie, then discuss the […]

New Years Explosion

Today ushers in a new year – 2007! Wow! The old adage is true: Time Flies. We stayed home last night; no late night partying for us. Rather, we finished the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings on DVD. The family is big fans of the work, and message. We had started to do […]

Are You Truman's Neighbor?

Been doing lots of reading recently which is all pointing in the same direction: I/We live in a bubble. Watched “The Truman Show” this weekend and that made it prety plain. Fascinating movie. If you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it in a while, it is worth reviewing. Quantum mechanics tells us that what […]

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